Red String 114 - Japanese Body Swap Movie

Red String cover. Click to enlarge!
In the English speaking world trangender erotica is mainly for amateurs.

There are niche pay sites like Tranisa, but none of the big porn producers have realized that there is marked here.

In Japan, on the other hand, there seems to be a thriving transgender erotica industry.

On the female to male side there is the so-called Boy's Love or Yaoi manga, comics focused on male/male sexual relationships. A lot of women buy these comics.

For male bodied enthusiasts there is also a lot of manga, or hentai rather, i.e. the explicit version of Japanese comics.

The traditional narrative in male to female transgender erotic comics is (1) body swap, (2) self exploration and masturbation, (3)being  raped and (4) reestablishing the status quo.
Nao Ayukawa

This brings me to today's topic, which is Japanese M2F transgender pornographic movies, of which there are many.

Most of them follow the stereotype described above. Moreover, the protagonist is most often a nerd like school boy who swaps body with a sexy young school girl. This is probably a reflection of a general Japanese interest in everything school girlish.

Within these limits, however, there is a lot of variation.

I am going to present a few movies from the TG erotica series Red String to you. The series is also know as Red Thread and Ties that Bind.

I have, for purely journalistic purposes, edited an extract for you. I have added comments regarding the structure of the plot.

You may think my plots are banal and simple, but the Japanese film makers put even less effort into developing a "realistic" setting. A magical red string appears. The man/boy ties one end to his own finger and the other to the girl's, and that is about it.

And no, I do not speak Japanese, but interestingly enough, that is not much of a problem.

 Alternative viewer:

(Download MPEG4 file)

How do you get hold of Japanese TG movies?

Unfortunately I haven't found any Japanese online streaming services that make any sense. Maybe some of you can be of help.

You can buy many of these DVDs from Japanese online stores, however, and many of them have English language store fronts.

The main problem is how to identify the movies at the store. After all, the titles are in Japanese, and there may be many English versions of the same title. The trick is to search for the registration number of the movie, which you will often find in reviews and the like.

The registration number for the movie reviewed here is IDOL-114 and the main actress is Nao Ayukawa.

Here are some stores that might be of help:

JavParadise (Link to IDOL-114)
8Jav (Link to IDOL-114)
h-lov is in Japanese, but you could use Google translate (Link to IDOL-114)

See also my post on Dream Story and the helpful comments from readers below.


  1. Anonymous7/14/2012

    file not avaliable? :(

  2. Anonymous7/14/2012

    Rebecca you may not be aware but your file is not available to your viewers. It says on the screen where the file should be the following words: "File not available" and "The requested file is no longer available." Monica

  3. Anonymous7/15/2012

    This one is on www.hot-jav.com


  4. Anonymous7/15/2012

    also, as per my previous post where I posted the link, there's actually a series of these, though I've only found a few, and now I can only find 2


  5. Anonymous7/15/2012

    Those interested in viewing these films should check out Farhad's forum: http://fictionmania.xeraweb.com/forum/

    I find the problem with most of these JAV films, is that since I can't understand the language - it's normally 5 minutes of setup, which I can sort of get, followed by about 2 hrs of a normal JAV porn film. Sometimes there's an 'exploration' scene, but apart from that, you might as well watch porn with the sound off and use your imagination!

  6. Anonymous7/15/2012

    p.s. - my two favourites (that have quite a bit of exploration) are MIAD374 ('strange experience - teacher edition') and SDMS708 (part 2) - don't know the full name sorry!

  7. Anonymous7/15/2012

    Sent the links to Rebecca a while ago and there are 5 redstring stories on HOTJAV:





    Wow fuck, 2 of them are out and they where about my favorite.

    and one more here with a different story as it is not red string.

    Unfortunately these redstring have more or less all the same frame and I know some are diferrent. If someone can add links, find subtitled versions or just tell the japanese word for this kind of story, it would be nice to tell. Uncensored would be nice as well.


  8. Anonymous7/15/2012

    Can we get links for MIAD and SDMS please?

  9. Anonymous7/15/2012


    many bodyswap mangas here translated into english

  10. Anonymous7/15/2012


    you can find SMDS708 here. Not sure about MIAD, try searching the Farhad forum.

    To the guy a few posts above me, JAV films are always censored, it's illegal to own an uncensored porn film in Japan.

  11. Anonymous7/16/2012

    Actually there are some that are uncensored.

    But Asian porn is annoying anyways because the chics almost never look like they're enjoying it. I hate their whines and cries while they're having sex. It almost always sounds like they aren't enjoying it, and that's just a turn off for me

  12. Anonymous7/16/2012

    The sissy part is kind of what I like about it (see the topic about why we fantasise about sissy while we would absolutely give into it).

  13. Anonymous7/17/2012

    http://g.e-hentai.org, tag search: gender bender
    Comes up with lots of manga, comics, and imagesets. Some of it is translated (into multiple languages), others are just available as raws.

  14. The Box viewer come and go. Completely unreliable. I have added a Slideshare viewer as well.

  15. Anonymous7/23/2012

    Seems unforced action with less graphic display and more sensual emphasis than graphic depictions here in the states--well done!!


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