TGStories on transgender fiction

There is actually a small TG fiction and entertainment industry out there, including sites that offer quality fiction for a reasonable price.

I had a chat with TGStories, the editor of the site with the same name. 

What made you start writing stories like these?

Well, generally, I do not write the stories on the site.   I hire some of the most talented writers (I think) who have a real sense of how to write a TG themed story.   

What I like about out story is that I think they are really sexy AND really great stories.   For me,  regardless of how provocative the subject matter if the storyline doesn't make sense it is not a story I want to publish.  

Who have influenced you?

It is funny, because I didn't really know it at the time, but I think the person who made TGstories and my LULU store possiable is Lee Brewster.   Lee died in 2000.  

Lee had two HUGE spaces in NYC that catered to crossdressers.  One store was all clothes, and the other was books and magizines.   

Growing up, it never occured to me that there was TG themed fiction, so imagine my shock when one day when I was in my 20s I saw a title at a newspaper stand.  It was called  Teenage TV (yes I remember);  I thought I was in heaven.  

After that, I was a steady fan of Lee's books.   I started TGstories in 1996, so I really didn't have a sense of how much the internet would grow...I really started it because of my personal love of the stories.  

What are your favorite themes?

That is hard, because I think I respond to detail more than themes...  But, I think that I really like things that are feminine, so story lines that involve things like beauty parlors, and clothing stories appeal to me.  

How is it to publish and sell TG fiction online?

Actually, I enjoy it much more than I thought I would, it is also much harder than I thought.   As I mentioned, quality is a big thing with me, so I really try and make sure that all the stories are special.   It is very hard to find new writers who really know how to deliver the goods...  I spend a lot of time, reading new work...

What are your plans for the future?

Well, all the different ways to deliver content digitally certainly is opening new doors.   I would think in the near future there would be a ebooks  for Amazon devices and other reading devices.

What makes a good story, and good story?

The best stories are the ones where the writer has the ability to create a world that I feel is real.   Since this is genre fiction, there are certain expectations.   For example, if you are have a transformation story, you know that guy is going to end up as a girl.   

But what makes a story really work is the ability of the writer to take elements that you have seen before and put them in a world that is new.  A good example of this is a recent story on TGstories called NAILED by Valerie Hope.   Valerie has an amazing way with details.  

In this story a number of husbands are transformed in a Nail Salon at the request of their Wives.   The transformation leads to a completely new dynamic of the relationship between the former men and their new girlfriends.   

Each relationship was something I had not read before, and it is, for me, what makes it a really good story...   When a writer has that kind of mind and real writing ability, you end up with great stories...  

Moreover, do you notice any trends in TG writing?

Well, the most interesting trend for me is the way the image of what is feminine has changed.   40 years ago, MTF stories involved baby Jane shoes, white gloves, and learning how to sit like a lady.  Now you have stories where the male is transformed into female gym instructor with rock solid body and a lust for sex...  

The other trend is toward more graphics.  Certainly the internet has opened whole new worlds visually.   There are now TG themed graphic novels, which certainly did not exist 10 years ago.  In general, there is just a much wider range of stories, and characters...which is a great thing.

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