The Mother Maker

Paige Turnah from RK.com
The secret order or Ereshkigal has representatives all over the world.

Their ultimate goal is to take over the world, defeat patriarchy and let the goddess of darkness rule supreme.

Their goddess requires obedience and a submission to the laws of nature. As any ancient goddess cult, this is a cult of fertility, and sex is the power that turns the wheel of creation.

Any man coming in their way may find himself reassigned to more productive labor.

This is a story for you pregnancy-lovers out there.

The images of Paige Turnah are from Reality Kings. 

You can download higher resolution full screen PDFs here: Mega and Box.


  1. Anonymous6/05/2012

    The slideshare link seems to take me to "Tricked"

  2. Anonymous6/05/2012

    link leads 2 tricked :/

  3. Anonymous6/05/2012

    i think we've been 'tricked' >:(

  4. Another wonderful piece of work, Rebecca!

    What a gift it would be to conceive and bear a new new life, then nourish and nurture the child with the love only a mother can give!


  5. Thanks... Smart... Exciting... lactation and suckling to confirm her new role would have been nice... But, one of the best caption sets on this theme I have seen... Love

  6. So good... But better for some to see a triumphant female in business attire beaming at her pregnant husband and saying well "I am the bread winner now. When you thought you would always pay the bills you required me to have lots of children. You demanded that I stay home to breast feed and be available to submissively present myself for your pleasuren on demand. but you are the one who is destined to nurture and submit. Remember how noble you thought fighting the declining birth rate was. Lets see you express your milk. Doesn't that make you feel fulfilled and put you in your place?


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