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The following comment was unfortunately caught in the spam filter, and I did not see it until now.

The comment warms my heart. Claire has asked me to spread your message to the community, which I do right now.

Thank you, Claire! 

"hello. my name is claire. im here on behalf of an ex boyfriend and lifetime friend of mine.

i just want to say thank you to you and everyone involved in this community. though i do not personally use your site or share these feelings, i wanted you and everyone else to know how your helping change the lives of those who do.

i dated a wonderful man through college, university and a while after, we shared a loving relationship and were always referred to as the couple who would last forever. he shared with me his feelings of wanting to be femalea few years ago and at first we tried to make it work (which led to ALOT of very inventive sex) i helped bring out his feminine side and we became closer then ever, he eventually opened up fully to me, uncluding sharing this site with me.

i know he loved your work and always used your site to find links to others like it, which i guess is why im posting this here. im sorry if ive gone off target but i want everyone in this world to know this wonderful man i loved with all my heart who was so kind and caring but was always hurting from the pain inside of knowing he could never be what he wanted to be. found refuge here and although i put a smile on his face, nothing made him happier than these stories and captions you create.

please spread this amongst your community, i know he always felt alone and wouldnt wish that on anyone so hope this helps inspire you to keep working and make other people smile. p.s. im now happily engaged and im still best friends with my ex. who has also moved on and is in a bisexual relationship. the lucky thing

xx thank youu xx"


  1. Anonymous6/16/2012

    How is this heartwarming? Not to be insulting to anyone, but you do not provide a service that helps people - you provide a service to sexual kinks and pervs. Autogynophilia is NOT transsexualism, and no true transsexual gets his heterosexual cookies on the fantasy for forced re-genderization. Those are my two pence.

  2. In no way do I consider people reading this and similar sites "kinks or pervs" as you call us.

    Reading erotica and pornography is normal among both transgender and non-transgender people.

    This also applies to women, by the way, who often love sexually steaming romances and erotic stories. Sexual desire is a natural part of the lives of most people.

    The autogynephilia theory is extremely bad science. The term has been developed by a narrow minded sexist bigot who has done more to ruin the lives of transgender and transsexual people than most religious fanatics I know of.

    I will remind you that according to that theory all male to female transgender who are attracted to women are autogynephiliacs. If you have known anything about transsexual women, you would know that a significant portion of them are lesbians. You just labelled all of them perverts.

    Not all readers of this blog are transsexual in heart and/or body. I suspect that most of them identify as male, and will continue to do so for the rest of their lives.

    The intensity of such feelings vary from a light curiosity, through an acknowledgement of hidden sides of your psyche, to the full blown pain of knowing that you were born the wrong sex.

    I have learned to know many members of this community, and I know for a fact that many are truly transsexual women, non-, pre- or post-op.

    Most of these transsexual women have always known that "crossdreaming" (which is a better term for this, I believe) is only one of many ways for their true sex to express itself.

    For others, the act of accepting the sexual side opens up the door to other, repressed, parts of their mind, helping them become more complete human beings.

    These women dream of having sex in a body that harmonizes with their heart. In the erotic fantasy the change makes that possible. No wonder the transformation itself is associated with pleasure. Non-transgender people take their bodies for granted; the idea of changing sex is therefore not arousing to them.

    (By the way, female to male transgender and transmen also read and get aroused by transgender erotica. Lots of it! This is not a "male thing".)

    I wonder: Why are you even here? If you think that the people of this blog are pervert, what does that make you?

    Here you are, commenting on this post the very day it was published. If you are a regular reader, you must be one of us. If that is the case, I will urge you to stop hurting yourself.

    If you are not one of us, the only explanation must be that you are one of those persons who get their kicks out of persecuting transgender and transsexual people. Now that makes you the only real pervert in this neighborhood.

    "Not to be insulting to anyone...." Give me a break! You have just deliberately insulted me and all of the more than 700,000 people who read this blog.

    This is my home and I consider it a safe house for people who enjoy exploring the other side of themselves. Now, take your pennies and get out!

    You are not welcome here.

  3. Anonymous6/17/2012

    Well said... -miranda

  4. AMEN, Rebecca!
    (meaning, "TRUTH", which 'Anonymous' seems to lack any understanding of!)

    Anonymous' comment overflows with their own perversity, (and seeming self-loathing at what fantasies they harbor but refuse to come to terms with).

    The apparent arrogance of their presumption that they know what constitutes a "true transsexual" is remarkable!

    My wish is that his/her heart be warmed by a new understanding that, while some may find the TG Caption genres merely an exercise in fun sexual exploration, for others it is sadly the closest they may come in this life to having the world see them as they see themselves. (for it is from such condemning and judgmental attitudes as Anonymous' comment that many feel they must hide who they truly are, lest they be harmed.)

    As ever, Rebecca, you inspire!



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