New discussion forum for feminization fantasy enthusiasts

Some of you might have noticed the increasing number of new blogs devoted to crossdreaming.

Crossdreaming may be defined as getting aroused by the idea of having the body of the opposite sex. Yeah, I thought you would find that topic familiar.

Anyway, we are not talking about blogs presenting erotic TG caps or stories here, but blogs discussing how crossdreamers like ourselves can cope with real life.

Jason and Jack have now launched a Crossdreamer discussion forum called Crossdream Life where you can share your life story and experiences, discuss the nature of crossdreaming, find friends and much more.

There is even a chat function.

You may discuss the role of erotica in your life over at Crossdream Life as well, but it is not a forum for sharing caps and stories. For that I warmly recommend Rachel's Haven and Feeling Femme.


  1. Hey, I just started a new caption blog, and I'm new at this. I was wondering if you wanted to check it out and maybe we could share links and stuff?

  2. Melissa:

    Post the link and I will include it in my directory.



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