Miss DeVille's Academy - Lucas's Story

Last week a republished Ed Miller's amazing story "Miss Sheila DeVille's School for Wayward Boys". That is one steaming classic TG story about a school were the male students are punished by being changed into sexy girls.

Here is a follow up to that story, which was recently published over at Fictionmania. It is not written by Ed, but believe it or not. It is actually just as good!

The images of Lucyanne Brooks are taken from the British soft-core school girl site, St. Mackenzie's

Comment by Lurker B, the author

This story is based on the excellent Ed Miller tale: "Miss Sheila DeVille's School for Wayward Boys". I really liked the concept, so I'm offering my own take. Ed gets full credit for the idea, the setting and the background characters.
Ed's rules of engagement also apply here:
This is a story involving explicitly described sex. If you think you might be offended by it, or you aren't allowed by the laws of the place in which you live to read such a story, don't. If you read past this warning, any offense you take or laws you break are your problem. I've warned you.
Permission is hereby given to archive this story anywhere on the Internet, so long as the author is credited, it is reproduced in its entirety (including this disclaimer!) and no fee is charged to access it.
Miss DeVille's Academy - Lucas's Story
By Lurker B.
"We're here," the driver said.
I looked warily out the side window. We'd arrived at a complex of buildings set amongst a thick grove of trees - well isolated from the highway. The place looked a bit like a college campus - rather old fashioned and extremely well maintained. A small sign in gothic letters spelled out the name: "The Miss Sheila DeVille School for Wayward Boys." I snorted to myself. Miss DeVille. Probably some 80 year old battleaxe of an educator who could fit right into a Pink Floyd video.
So this is my new home, I thought. At least until I got tired of it. I grabbed my pack and jumped out of the county van. The driver wasted no time in peeling out of there. I was glad to see him go - he'd seemed oddly nervous on the trip over from the family courthouse. I saw nothing to fret about. This was just another layover as far as I was concerned. I'd seen them all since my parents had died. Orphanages, foster care, reform schools - one no different from the other.
At 16, I'd been a ward of the state for half of my life. I really didn't like authority, and authority didn't like me. I wasn't an out- an-out criminal - but I took a certain perverse delight in making things miserable for those who were stuck with me. Probably because for them, I was just another stipend from the government - they warehoused me with the rest of society's rejects, then cashed the checks.
I looked up the stone steps of the main building. Another boy was standing at the top, obviously waiting for me. He was wearing a well- cut blue blazer, with a neatly pressed shirt and gray slacks - and a damned tie. Cool. If this school required uniforms, it'd make it that much easier for me to irritate the teachers.
I walked up to him. "Lucas Fletcher?" he asked.
"Yep," I replied laconically.
"Jack Barlow. Welcome to Miss DeVille's. I'm here to help you get acclimated. Follow me." I accompanied him into the foyer - very well- appointed with marble floors and Victorian furniture. He turned and led the way down a long corridor - taking swift strides. I noticed his hair was neatly trimmed and he walked with near military precision.

We passed through what appeared to be an administrative section. Everything was spotless - more than spotless, it was immaculate. All the offices were decked out with top of the line computers and similar gear. This certainly didn't fit the profile of the dumps in which I'd been caged in the past. Some serious money had been invested here. Interesting...
We arrived at a set of chambers labeled "Headmistress Roberts" - whom I assumed was the big cheese in these parts. Time to meet the dictator. Jack led me into the outer office, and it was there I began to realize this school was very different.
The secretary stood up. Actually, stood didn't describe how this woman moved. She seemed to float from her chair with a languid grace. And she needed that grace - because she had the largest pair of breasts I'd ever seen.
I strive to cultivate a poker face - particularly whenever I'm in a new situation. Don't let your opponents know what you're thinking and so forth. But the secretary had me flummoxed. All I could do was stare at that incredible chest - it was several moments before I realized the rest of her was just as impressive. Hair, face, legs - there was nothing to critique. I couldn't believe someone with a body like that was working as an assistant. She could easily be modeling for Penthouse.
"Yes, Jack?" she queried in a sultry voice.
"I've brought Lucas to see Miss Roberts," Jack replied.
"Very well. I'll introduce him. Have a seat for now."
I then had the pleasure of watching the secretary walk. Her hips, encased in a dark skirt, seemed to move in several directions at once as she led me into the inner office. She opened the door into an elegantly furnished room that could have served a judge. And given the number of judges I'd seen over the years, I should know.
The secretary spoke. "The new student, Lucas Fletcher, has arrived, Miss Roberts." Behind the massive oak desk with mahogany inlay, a high- back leather chair faced the opposite wall. A voice responded. Feminine. Authoritative. "Thank you, Hilda. Please leave Mr. Fletcher with me."
The door closed, and I stood silently in place. Though it pained me to admit it, I was unsure of myself - for the first time in a long time. So I decided to hold off on my cynical, wisecracking routine - at least until I learned more about what was going on.
The chair turned, and Miss Roberts stood. My god - if I thought Hilda the Secretary was extraordinary, she had nothing on the headmistress. If anything, Miss Roberts' chest was even larger. And far from the Mother Superior type I'd expected, this woman was young, lovely and...well, sexy as all hell. What were the odds that two such goddesses would be running a reformatory?
Miss Roberts was dressed in a charcoal jacket with starched white blouse, a matching knee length skirt and black stockings. On someone else, the outfit might have seemed a touch conservative - but she lent it an appeal that approached the erotic. She looked me up and down with an assessing gaze. She didn't seem all that impressed with what she saw.
"Mr. Fletcher. Welcome to my school." She paused expectantly.
I actually stammered before responding. "Thank you...I think." She gestured to a file on her desk. "I've reviewed your record. You've had a tough time of things - for which I can sympathize. That said, we set very high standards for the students here, and you will be expected to comply. Whatever hardships you've endured in the past will not serve as an excuse for misconduct."
Her manner was stern - her voice, while completely womanly, spoke of someone used to command - and used to being obeyed. She was intimidating and dammit, I was intimidated.
"Your scholastic efforts to date have been a disgrace, but your tests show you're quite intelligent. Here you will have an opportunity to reach your full potential. And you will be provided with the motivation to do so. You will excel in class, you will learn the benefits of discipline, and you will become a productive citizen."
I wanted to joke with her, but something held me back. Easy, Lucas...I told myself. Don't get this woman riled.
"Miss Hilda will provide you with your schedule, and Jack will help you to get oriented in the dormitory. Work hard, follow the rules, respect your teachers and you'll be fine. If you don't, you'll be brought back here. And you won't like what happens then. Do you understand?"
"Yes, what?"
I gritted my teeth. I loathed this kind of power play. But I went along with it. "Yes, ma'am."
"Better. You're dismissed, Lucas." Without waiting for me to leave, she returned to her desk, those magnificent breasts oscillating with her stride. I exited the office and shut the door behind me - with more than a little relief. Hilda the Secretary handed me a folder with schedules, maps, etc. I pretended to study it while casting subtle glances at her extraordinary body. Jack then led me out into the office.
"So what did you think of Miss Roberts?" he asked.
"She's certainly...not what I expected."
Jack chuckled. "No, I suppose not. She's very good at making sure things run smoothly." We passed several classrooms onto the way to the dorms. And I couldn't help but notice that every teacher was female, and just as astonishingly endowed as the two women I'd already met. What was it about this place? Something in the water? Did they recruit the faculty from the Playboy Mansion?
Almost as interesting was the demeanor of the students. As a guy myself, I knew how hard it was to keep a class full of boys in line. Yet all the kids were perfectly behaved, paying rapt attention to the teachers' lectures. There was no fidgeting or fighting - it was almost as if they were the Stepford students.
And yet another anomaly. In two of the classes, I thought I saw...girls - which made no sense. Yet when Jack and I turned a corner, we encountered one in the hallway. She was very petite, no more than five two or so, and quite cute. She was wearing a classic schoolgirl outfit - complete with a modest pleated skirt that fell to about an inch above her knees.
But it was her behavior that most intrigued me. She seemed incredibly shy, her eyes downcast as she moved by us. She almost looked as though she was trying to be invisible - a sense of...fear seemed to emanate from her tiny frame. She paused nervously, and stared up at Jack with wide eyes and trembling lips.
Jack spoke. "I'd love to oblige you, Becky, but I don't have the time right now. You'd better carry on, before you have to trade up for a new cup size." His voice was rich with amusement. The girl...Becky, sighed with...relief? As she walked away, I wondered about Jack's cryptic remark. Cup size? Becky had the chest of a young teenage girl - A or maybe B at best. Why would Jack tease her about getting bigger? Wouldn't she want that? And how would being late for class make it happen?
Which led to the next, obvious question I had for Jack. "I thought this was a boy's school."
"It is," Jack replied - a more serious look on his face.
"Then why are the girls here?"
"Let's just say this is a place where you don't want to fuck up. Or else you'll be fucking up...literally."
That made even less sense. Did Miss Roberts make misbehaved boys dress up as girls? At my first foster home, I'd had a "mom" who did that from time to time. When I was 8, I'd offended her in some meaningless fashion. She proceeded to give me a full makeover - including an absurdly short, frilly, pink party dress with matching lace panties that were revealed to one and all whenever I so much as shrugged my shoulders. By the time she got the blonde wig onto me, I looked so much like a girl, I could have fooled myself. She then led me to a schoolyard so all the other kids could see what a "pretty little lady" I was.
The experience was humiliating, yet what had most disturbed me was my reaction to it. I remembered being marched to the playground, forced to hang upside down from the monkey bars, my dress falling over my face, my ruffled Barbie panties on display to every boy - and realizing that I kind of...liked it. It was almost as if I...wanted to have all the boys see the adorable underwear I had on - and that had unsettled me more than anything.
Funny. I hadn't thought about the incident in years. When you're trying to portray the image of the cynical, jaded loner - wearing pink underpants doesn't exactly fit. So this was the way Miss Roberts kept order? If I caused any problems, would I be forced into an outfit like Becky's?
Yet as I entered the dorms with Jack, I knew that wasn't the real explanation. Becky, and the other girls I'd seen, were completely feminine. Sure, it's not all that hard for an 8-year old boy to pass for a girl - but by the time he becomes a teenager, it's impossible to simulate certain biological facts. Becky had a daintiness about her, young curves that could only come with a double X chromosome. Becky could not possibly be a boy in drag - I'd stake my life that she was a real girl - which only added to the mystery. Why was she here? And what did it have to do with making the guys stay in line?
I arrived at the dorm - and was impressed yet again. I had my own well- furnished room with a private bath. The hardwood floors were covered by attractive rugs, and the walls were softly painted and topped with crown molding. Compared to the industrial, prison-style barracks of my previous incarcerations, this was nothing short of first-class.
What the hell was this place?
That was a question I would ask many times over during my first day. Jack helped me learn the layout of the school, showing me the infirmary, cafeteria, library and so forth. Everything was high-quality and in excellent condition. There wasn't a speck of dirt - even the bathrooms were free of graffiti. As we toured the campus, we would pass students in the halls - all of whom were perfectly behaved. No one was rowdy, insulting or loud. It was almost...eerie.
And then, as Jack walked me passed the gym, I saw her.
She was just coming out of a locker room - the most inhumanly erotic girl I'd ever laid eyes on.
She was far too young to be a teacher, yet she was more endowed than any of them. Her breasts were so enormous she made Miss Roberts herself look prepubescent. Still, the rest of her frame was as tiny as any of the girl students. Her silky hair was long, blonde and fell far down her back. She was dressed in a schoolgirl outfit, but unlike Becky and the others, this girl's clothes were intended to display her impressive assets. Her pleated skirt was so short, I could glimpse the pink and lace thong panties she wore underneath. As for her blouse - it made a pitiful attempt to cover her incredible tits, which were clearly not constrained by a bra.
Frankly, I doubted they even made bras to fit her - I was no expert, but I imagined she must be a J-cup, maybe even larger. Yet despite the lack of support, her gigantic breasts were flawless - firm, pointing straight forward, and graced with erect nipples that poked aggressively through her flimsy top.
Simply looking at her made me harder than I'd been in my entire life. It was if she was the ultimate embodiment of femininity. I stared in awe while she adjusted her clothes, such as they were. She must have just finished changing, as she was trying to get comfortable. I thought I saw her wiping a white substance from her lips - must be some kind of girly lotion, or the like.
She looked up at Jack - with the same shy, demure posture Becky had shown earlier.
Jack spoke to her. "Hello, Tina. Did you have fun?"
She nodded, her face averted slightly from me.
"I'd like for you to meet someone. Tina, this is Lucas Fletcher - our newest arrival. Lucas, meet Tina - perhaps our most...unique student at Miss DeVille's. I was startled to see Tina grasp the hem of her micro- skirt between thumb and forefinger, adjust her feet...and curtsey. I'd never seen a girl do that before.
She then raised her huge blue eyes to mine - and locked gazes with me.
Something strange happened when I looked at the beautiful girl. It was if she were seeing deep into my psyche somehow...assessing me. Then she gave me an impish smile - akin to watching a sunrise. Unlike her demeanor towards Jack, she was less...deferential to me.
"A pleasure to meet you, Lucas," she said in a soft soprano that made me still harder. "I suspect you and I are going to spend a lot of time together." She then turned back to Jack and resumed her former modest carriage. Jack nodded to her - as if giving her permission to leave. Pivoting gracefully, the small girl sauntered down the corridor.
My erection was literally painful - not surprising. Tina could have given a saint a hard-on. Jack stared thoughtfully after her. "Interesting," he said. "She seems to have taken a liking to you."
"And that's a bad thing...how?" I replied - thrilled at the idea she might want me.
"Don't get me wrong, Lucas. Tina's very enthusiastic when it comes to ...supporting the boys at this school. But in your case, it may be something else."
"Who is she?"
"She's Tina, Lucas - she's one of a kind."
"I can't believe Miss Roberts would allow her to dress like that."
"Oh, Tina doesn't have any choice in what she wears...not that it matters much to her."
I wanted to ask more, but Jack hustled me onto the next part of orientation. Things were moving beyond eerie to outright bizarre. But Jack was very circumspect - he wouldn't offer me any background. Frustrated, I kept silent as we completed the inprocessing.
The day ended with a good workout, great food and a peaceful hour in my room before lights out. The dorms were the quietest I'd ever experienced. Several guys stopped by to introduce themselves and show me their own rooms. There was no hazing, none of the typical menace I expected to endure as the FNG. Everyone was very friendly as they started their homework.
While walking back to my space, I was startled to pass one of the girls I'd spotted in class earlier. She was still in her modest uniform - and like the others, she seemed almost painfully shy. She paused - standing in front of me with a downcast expression. Her lovely face had a haunted look - but she stood quietly, as if waiting for me to speak. I started to introduce myself - maybe she could clue me in on what the hell was happening here. But another guy approached us and spoke instead.
"Let's call it a night, Michelle - we'll let Lucas figure things out for himself." The pretty girl seemed to relax slightly - then she turned and entered her room, right across the hall from me. As the door shut behind her, I thought I heard feminine sobs muffled by the thick oak.
"They let the girls stay on our floor?" I asked the boy incredulously.
"Trust me, Lucas - nothing happens here unless Miss Roberts allows it to. Just go with the flow."
I returned to my room, more confused than ever. Despite the comfortable bed and peaceful surroundings, it was some time before I fell asleep.
And dreamed...
I was a young child...maybe ten years old...on a playground. Racing around the teeter-totters, laughing while the boys tried to catch me. The other girls eyed me enviously - they knew I was the one the boys loved to follow. And why shouldn't they? I was the prettiest girl in the school - and I wore the cutest clothes. From time to time, if there was one boy I really liked (and I changed my mind by the hour) - I'd have him sit below me on the climbing bars - and let him look up my skirt. I was careful to wear nice panties every day, and I loved to show them off to whatever boy caught my eye.
Today it was Bobby - he had the biggest allowance of all - and I knew I could wheedle him into giving me some candy. He tagged me - and we ran off behind a tree, where no one could see us. I smiled up at him - waiting expectantly. He reached into a pocket and handed me an entire Hershey's bar. Good boy. Now for his reward. I slowly lifted my dress, until my panties showed - I was wearing a blue pair today, with little butterflies and lots of lace.
I let Bobby check me out for a few seconds - his eyes wide - then let my hem fall back down. If my mom ever caught me flirting like this, I knew I'd be in for some serious punishment. But I just can't resist! I love the look of awe the boys give me whenever they see my underwear. It's soooo easy to make them do whatever I want!
Maybe next time, I'll let Bobby kiss me...he's really cuuuute!
Then I awoke...
Dawn sunlight filtered through the linen curtains. I looked down at myself and was actually relieved to see I wasn't ten years old - or female. That had been the most vivid, intense dream of my life. You know a dream is hard-core when it's just as fresh and potent as your waking memories.
I rubbed my eyes, mulling it over. Even now, it was difficult to set aside the image of being a little girl - though it wasn't hard to figure why I'd dreamed of myself as such. Thinking of Miss Roberts and the possibility that this school might punish boys by dressing them as girls had brought back the suppressed experience my foster "mom" had put me through all those years ago - prancing around on a playground in rumba panties.
Understanding how I had the dream didn't lessen my unease, though. There was still the little matter of why I seemed to enjoy the idea of being a pretty girl, wearing frilly clothes - and teasing all the boys. I'd never imagined myself as a girl - never had any desire to be one. Up to now, all my fantasies (and experiences) with girls were strictly from the guy point of view. My life was hard enough without being female on top of everything else.
So what was this all about?
Later for that. I could hear footsteps in the hall - I hastily showered and got dressed in the stupid uniform, struggling with the tie. Stepping out into the hallway, the door across from me opened. The room where that shy girl...Michelle had retreated the night before. Only now - a boy stepped out. He was at least two inches taller than my 5'11". He also had a rather sheepish expression.
"Hey Mike," a voice called mockingly from down the hall. "Looking good today. But not as good as yesterday." Mike blushed and hung his head. Jack walked up and introduced us. Mike seemed cool enough - definitely the quiet type. I wanted to ask him what happened to Michelle, but Jack hustled me off before I could find out how it was Mike got into her room.
We arrived in class, where I took my assigned seat and cast wary glances around me. I noted the quality furniture - including a padded leather bench in the back. The rest of the students filed in, all boys...and one girl. She was very pretty, with long red hair and smooth legs partially revealed by the pleated skirt swirling around her thighs - a skirt that seemed a bit shorter than those worn by the others girls I'd seen. She was a little awkward in her movements, slightly unsteady on her feet. She sat two desks over from me - her hands folded neatly in her lap and her eyes locked forward, carefully avoiding contact with anyone. I noted her chest was somewhat larger than Becky or Michelle's - though nothing like the teachers or the incredible Tina.
Speaking of teachers, in walked another centerfold-class woman. This one was named Miss Barton - and she was every bit as impressive as the rest of the faculty. Her clothes were conservative in style - but with those remarkable boobs, she was sexy nonetheless.
You might think that having breasts far above the DD range would make these women look freakish. Somehow, though, it worked for them. They were graceful and lovely...and they were turning me on.
She spoke - her voice simultaneously alluring and authoritative. "First, please welcome our newest boy, Lucas Fletcher." She directed to me stand for a moment - which I did, trying to hide the hard-on she had inspired in me. "And also please note Stephanie is spending her second day with us." All eyes turned to the lone girl student - who seemed to shrink away without moving a muscle. I sat, grateful to have someone else be the center of attention.
"And now please turn to page 236 of your Norton Anthologies." Everyone instantly responded. She read several selections of Wallace Stevens, and then led a discussion of their supposed meanings. Amazing. This was a poetry class - possibly the one subject most guaranteed to bore teenage boys. Yet every other guy in the class was eager to contribute - and all had obviously done their homework. I remained silent through all of this, still trying to figure out the rhythm of the topic, the class - hell, the whole damn school. Nothing was making any sense.
It was about to get worse. One of boys just finished a point that did seem rather insightful, and Miss Barton beamed at him. "Very good, Tom - your analysis is quite original. Why don't you take a few moments to play with Stephanie, while the rest of you study the next poem."
The girl, Stephanie, seemed to freeze in shock - an expression of absolute horror flickering across her pretty face before being replaced by the standard demure shyness. Tom walked over to her desk, gently took her hand, and led her to the padded couch in the back.
Where he proceeded to fuck her royally.
Any doubts about the girls of the DeVille School really being boys in drag were quickly dispelled when Tom ordered her to strip. She responded without hesitation, slipping off her skirt to reveal pink, silk hipster panties. Off came her blouse, sans bra - and two cute teenage tits swung free. Then she hooked her thumbs in the lace waistband of her underpants and pulled them down.
She was naked...and she was all girl. A light dusting of pubic hair could not conceal her pussy lips, which already were glistening with obvious arousal. Tom ordered her to lie down on the couch - she instantly complied, settling in on her back, grasping her knees and spreading her legs shamelessly. Tom didn't bother to undress - just whipped out an impressive tool and pushed it deep into Stephanie's vagina. I couldn't believe what I was witnessing. It didn't take long for Tom to establish a very brisk pace - ramming his cock into the petite girl as hard and as fast as he could. Stephanie certainly didn't seem to mind - soft, feminine moans emitted from her panting lips as she approached - then consummated - what was clearly an intense orgasm. Tom continued to thrust for several more moments before his face contorted with ecstasy, having exploded into his own climax.
He collapsed on top of her, while she wrapped her legs around him - as if trying to hold him inside her. After a few moments, the couple disengaged, and started to get dressed - Stephanie with that odd mixture of fear and submissiveness, now laced with an aura of sexual satiation.
"Mr. Fletcher." I turned to face Miss Barton, who was sternly addressing me. Belatedly, I realized she'd been calling my name for several moments - but I'd been too entranced by Tom and Stephanie to notice.
"What the hell is going on here?" I said to her. All the mysteries of the last 24 hours were too much for me to ignore any longer.
"Hmmm. Profanity and inattention. Not a very good start, Lucas."
I instantly dialed things down. "I apologize, Miss Barton. But I respectfully ask for some kind of...guidance."
"Not an unreasonable request, Lucas. Would you like to be given a firsthand explanation?"
Jack, a few rows over, gave a tiny shake of his head. I ignored it - I had to know what was happening. "Yes, ma'am, I would."
"Very well, Lucas - I believe we can accommodate you. Follow me. Class, please continue with your assignment." Somehow, I knew they would - their faces already deep in their books as I accompanied Miss Barton down to ....Miss Roberts office.
Miss Barton was silent as we walked, and I chose to mimic her. Yet she didn't seem very angry...more...amused than anything. But was I crazy to notice a slight flush on her cheeks?
Frying pan, meet fire. Hilda the Secretary welcomed us - it was a judgement call as to which of the two women had the most amazing chest. These unbelievable tits were quite a distraction - but I was determined to get to the bottom of all this.
"Lucas and I would like a few moments of Miss Roberts time," Miss Barton told Hilda.
"Will he be needing...?" Hilda responded.
"Yes, he will. It's her call, but I think a one-day standard issue will be sufficient."
"I'll make the arrangements. Miss Roberts will see you now."
And so we entered the headmistress's luxurious office. Miss Roberts rose from her desk, as I tried not to drool over her figure.
"What have we here, Miss Barton?"
"I'm afraid Lucas is having trouble...adjusting."
"Has he disrupted your class?" the headmistress asked sternly.
"Nothing too egregious. But Lucas appears to be an inquisitive young man, and I don't think he'll be able to fully settle in unless we expand his...insight."
"I see. Lucas, would you like to know more about how we operate this academy?"
I was very, very careful in my response. "I don't mean to cause any problems, Miss Roberts. I'm just...confused about all that I've seen."
"Well, young man, I believe we can clear some of that up for you. Miss Barton, why don't we extend Lucas's orientation by 24 hours."
"That's just what I had in mind," my teacher said - a faint smile on her face.
Miss Roberts spoke. "Then let's begin. Lucas, please remove your clothes."
Stunned, I froze in place, trying to process what she had just told me to do. But something strange happened at that moment - I seemed to lose all control over my body. Without my willing them, my hands began to unknot my tie and unbutton my shirt. As if in a trance, I found myself slipping off my shoes and socks. My uniform slacks quickly followed. Despite protests echoing in some part of my mind, I took off my boxers and stood before both women - completely naked. I'd retained enough control to cover my crotch - but I was otherwise unable to move. Miss Roberts then turned to the wall and removed an object I hadn't noticed before.
A large paddle.
Great. These chicks were S&M babes. Was this the big secret? Was I about to be carted off to a pleasure dungeon in the basement? Whatever it was, I could take it. I'd certainly endured my fair share of beatings in the past.
Miss Roberts stepped behind me and raised the paddle. I steeled myself for the first blow. But instead, she gave me a gentle tap on my bare butt.
And then my world changed. A pins-and-needles tingling broke out over my entire body and I felt an odd sense of...softness come over me. The tingling intensified in my hands and I was amazed when I looked at them.
My hands had become small... slender...dainty.
The tingling moved up my arms, which quickly slimmed down to match my hands.
And finally, I figured out the great secret of Miss Sheila DeVille's School for Wayward Boys.
I knew what Miss Roberts was doing to me.
She was turning me into a girl.
My pulse raced, my breathing quickened as pure fear flooded my entire psyche. Yet I remained immobile, helplessly watching as my body betrayed me...becoming more feminine with each second.
Oh my god...this can't be happening ...I don't want tits or a... a ...
But it was undeniable. The powerful tingling moved over my shoulders and down to my torso, leaving smooth, hairless skin and smaller muscles in its wake. Down to my waist, which narrowed, and then to my hips, which flared out. I could feel my very bones shifting, adapting to a new form. Down my legs, which became as smooth as the rest of me...and shorter?
I realized to my utter dismay I was shrinking, reducing in height to something more appropriate for the new gender I was acquiring. And speaking of gender, I became acutely aware of my ...nipples. Something a guy hardly ever thinks about. The tingling moved to my chest, increased in intensity, and in less than ten seconds...I had boobs! Honest to god breasts, topped by swollen areola that I knew I could ignore no longer.
The tits weren't very large by girl standards, but the sheer alien-ness of them made them seem huge to me. My tiny hands reached up to cup them - and for the first time I felt the intense sensation a woman experiences when her breasts are caressed. I gasped...in a voice that could not be mistaken for a boy's.
Jesus, this is really happening!
My dark hair was now well past my shoulders, tickling my bare back as my head shook, my face undergoing the equivalent changes my body had already endured. I felt an intense desire to see what I looked like...and a peculiar wish that I would be...pretty. God...why on earth would I want that?
And then the tingling headed for my groin...and I knew what was next. My cock swelled as if in desperation, asserting its masculinity in a vain effort to avoid what was about to happen to it.
But there was no hope, no escape. In moments, my once proud penis dwindled in size, shrinking, shrinking...until it reached the dimensions of a ...clit. A little red button that just peeped out from the pussy lips my scrotum had become. I felt a tearing sensation...not painful, but clearly an opening forming beneath the ...the... vagina burrowing deep into my body...all the way to the...womb I could now sense inside me. New parts that no boy should ever have...ovaries, tubes, cervix. There was no one specific feeling - just a set of gentle pressures in my abdomen that proved I had new ...and very feminine equipment inside me.
I was no longer a boy.
Finally I could control my movements. I cast wild glances around the room, looking at Miss Roberts and Miss Barton. Looking up at them. Way up. Previously, I'd been a couple of inches taller, but now they loomed over me. The entire office was larger - the ceiling was higher, the furniture bulkier.
And then I saw the mirror. Reflecting three females - one of them completely nude, standing there with a shocked expression on her cute face.
Oh my god - I'm a girl!
The mirror did not lie. Stunned, I took in my new image - very petite, and slender. Coltish, almost gawky. The form of a young girl still striving for maturity. The...my tits were well, cute. Smallish, yet well shaped, dominated by huge nipples. My hips were slender as well, but with a definite feminine slant, accented by my tiny waist. A teenager's body - needing only a few more years and a few more curves for total womanhood.
Between my legs - the classic female triangle - dark, glossy curls...and no trace of anything masculine.
And then there was my face. Framed by fine, long black hair, I looked like...myself - if I'd been born a girl. I could see the old Lucas there - easily recognizable, albeit completely feminine. And attractive.
For several moments, all I could do was stand there and watch my tits rise and fall with my breath. I suppose if I hadn't been in such a frazzled state of mind, I could have been turned on by staring at my naked girl's body - but I was just too disoriented to appreciate it.
"Well, Miss Fletcher, I imagine this should answer some of your questions," Miss Roberts said in an amused tone. I turned to face and realized this unbelievable change was more than just physical. For in my eyes, Miss Roberts was no longer just a headmistress, Miss Barton more than a mere teacher.
They were authority figures - to be obeyed. Without question.
Something had happened to my formerly cynical mental state. Any thought of resistance was banished. I knew at that moment that I would carry out any command these women gave. I stood still, mimicking a military position of attention. My nudity was no longer a factor, nor was my femininity. I wanted them to control me, and I would wait as long as necessary for them to do it.
A distant part of my mind was still able to think for himself...to his horror, he knew whatever magic or science that had altered his body had also altered his mind. Knowing this fact made no difference, though...he had become trapped in the form of this docile, compliant girl...and he would remain that way until these women released him.
Miss Roberts continued. "Miss Fletcher, I don't believe the name Lucas suits you anymore. Miss Barton, what do you suggest this young lady be called?"
Miss Barton spoke. "I believe Lucy would be appropriate, Miss Roberts. She looks like a ....Lucy."
"Good choice, Miss Barton. Lucy it is. I'm sure she'll enjoy it as much as her previous name."
Lucy. She. Her. The feminine pronouns filled me with dread as I realized how much my very identity had been transformed.
"Now then, Lucy, as we agreed, your orientation will continue for the next day. You will attend class, cooperate with the faculty, learn about how we do business here. And of course, you'll...interact with the boys. You'll find you now have certain compulsions which must be obeyed."
Compulsions. Boys. A thought flickered in my mind. Stephanie and Tom, screwing each other's brains out in class. I recalled how Stephanie had passively submitted to Tom's direction - so unlike how a normal girl would act.
Oh, no. They wouldn't...they couldn't make me do...that? Could they?
We all turned as Hilda the Secretary entered the office, not the least perturbed by the sight of my naked girl's body. She was carrying several articles of clothes. Girl's clothes.
My clothes.
Hilda handed the first item to Miss Roberts, who held them out to me, smiling expectantly. Girl's underpants...panties - and about as feminine as you could get. Pink, lace, nylon - and the sealed crotch intended to cover a pussy. My pussy. I wanted to run screaming from the room. Instead, I stepped forward and took the dainty undies from her. I was torn between desperately wanting to conceal my female body and loathing the means by which I would do so. I stepped into the pretty underpants and pulled them slowly up to my hips. My eyes widened as I felt the delicate material caress my butt, while the panties settled smoothly, neatly against my frighteningly flat groin - a powerful reminder of what I no longer had. The lace trim on the legs and waist tickled...rather nicely, I ruefully noted. The equally lace waistband settled in just below my belly button - the briefs were conservative, but utterly girly.
The silk blouse was next - no bra, for which I was grateful. Until I saw how my large nipples were clearly visible through the white top. Small breasts or not, my chest was undeniably that of a girl. My blouse was soft and nice - which made my nipples all the more...erect. I couldn't believe how much more aware I'd become of them. I was beginning to wish for a bra after all, but there weren't any to be had at this school.
Then came the skirt - pleated and plaid. I pulled it up my legs, the elastic waistband riding high at my shrunken waist. The length was not too bad - just above my knees. But it was still a skirt.
Knee socks and Mary-Janes completed the outfit. And for only the second time in my life, I was dressed as a girl. But unlike that playground punishment all those years ago - this time I had the body for the clothes.
All three women were openly smiling at me now - a combination of mirth and satisfaction at how I had been transformed. A glance in the mirror made the evidence undeniable - a simply adorable schoolgirl, from the top of her pretty head to her small feet, shod in patent leather.
Shame, embarrassment, fear. I felt all these emotions. And one more.
Warring with all the obvious negative feelings a boy should have when he's been turned into a girl was one positive feeling. Of looking in a mirror and enjoying being so cute.
I chalked it up to the spell...or whatever the hell had been done to me. Just like I was now forced to obey any command, I was being forced to *like* my new appearance.
That was it...it had to be the magic.
Miss Roberts resumed her lecture. "You're about to have a very interesting day, Lucy. You'll experience feelings you never imagined possible. You'll do things you never imagined doing. And when it's over, you will understand the proper role of a girl student at my academy. Since yours was a minor offense, you will resume your natural male state tomorrow morning. But in the meantime, you'll gain some valuable lessons in what it means to be a young woman. Try to keep an open mind."
And with that, I minced my girlified body to the door and followed Miss Barton out to the hall. Just walking had become something new and strange. My teenage feminine hips moved differently - pushing sideways almost as much as forward. I felt a slight bounce from my firm little tits. Hair swishing across my shoulders.
And the clothes. The pleated skirt was lined with satin, and bushed rather sensuously against my smooth, bare legs - the hem swaying just above my knees. No inseam - a slight breeze wafted up the skirt and made me feel unnaturally exposed. My silk blouse caused my nipples to tingle. The nylon panties made their presence known as well - caressing my butt as I moved - and sliding back and forth across my new female crotch.
God, my body was sensitive! My skin was so much more...aware of what it was feeling, the gentle contact with my soft clothing creating a low-key but pleasant and persistent glow. Was this how girls felt all the time?
We passed the first boy in the hall - I kept my eyes directed downward. The presence of Miss Barton kept him from openly leering at me, but I could still sense him checking me out.
And that's where I understood just how radical my transformation had been. Growing tits and a pussy might seem like the most dramatic elements of becoming a girl - but as intense as they were, there was something still more extreme.
My size.
I was tiny. Not just short...but petite. Dainty. Delicate. Slim shoulders, slender arms. Everyone towered over me. Especially the guys. Any of whom could do whatever he wanted to me. Even without the compulsion, I could not possibly match them for strength.
This got me to thinking. A girl has to live with three very severe disadvantages. First, she's small and weak - especially when compared to guys. Second, her vagina is defenseless to a penis in a way that's not true in reverse. And third, she's expected to dress sexy - skirts, bikinis, halters, etc - which can only reinforce the first two points.
I never appreciated what it was like for girls until now. Add Miss Roberts' compulsion to obey, and I had just become more vulnerable, more fragile than I ever imagined a human being could feel. No wonder the other girls I'd seen were trembling in fear.
I was afraid, too.
Miss Barton could see the realization come to me as we headed to class. "Now you understand, Lucy, what it means to be female. You can see for yourself how hard it is to be a girl...to know that you are not in control - that your fate rests completely in the hands of others. It's a valuable lesson every man should experience."
My knees were shaking - were it not for the obedience mandate, I would have run out the building. Miss Barton continued. "Be grateful you are in a safe environment here, Lucy. You will not be harmed - an assumption no woman can ever make out in the world.
Her words echoed in my mind while we arrived at class. She entered the room first and introduced the new me.
"Boys, I'm afraid Lucas will not be with us for the rest of the day. However, I'm pleased to welcome Miss Lucy Fletcher."
I stepped into the classroom - every face turned to me. Standing in front of all these guys, while wearing a girl's body, made me feel embarrassed and scared. I caught Jack's eye - who gave me a wry "I told you so" look. I took my seat - two rows opposite Stephanie. She smiled shyly at me - I guess there was one person I had something in common with.
Sitting down proved my girlhood in yet another way. My legs crossed automatically - one over the other in the classic womanly fashion. But no pressure in my crotch - it felt natural, comfortable, to sit like this - since my cock was gone!
And then there was the satin-lined skirt - I found myself gently rubbing it against my thighs - reluctantly enjoying the feeling.
Like Stephanie, I kept my eyes rigidly forward. But in my peripheral vision, I noted some interesting differences between us. Stephanie's skirt was shorter than mine - 4 inches or more above her pretty knees. Her breasts were larger too - perhaps a B-cup to my A. I recalled the panties she'd revealed during her earlier...session with Tom. Like the ones I had on, they were pink and silky, with lace - but hers were skimpier - hipsters to my briefs.
What connected it all together was Miss Barton' statement from earlier - that this was Stephanie's second day with the class. It seemed that the longer a boy was "sentenced" to being a girl, the sexier he...she got. Bigger breasts, provocative clothes, etc. Since my punishment was only for a day, my body and clothes were more conservative. Thank god for small favors.
So if Stephanie was a sample of 48 hours of feminine discipline, what if a boy was transformed into a girl for longer? Three days or more? What would she look like then?
Good Lord...Tina!
My brief encounter with Tina yesterday flew back into my mind. Her unbelievable tits - thrusting out a full foot from her chest. Her ridiculously short skirt - revealing her pink thong as she walked.
Jesus - Tina was really a guy! How long had she been female - and what transgression had she committed for Miss Roberts to do that to her? To make her into the ultimate girly-girl?
I decided right then and there to be the most polite, cooperative boy this school had ever seen. No wonder all the guys were perfect, well- behaved students. They knew fully well the fate that awaited them if they screwed up.
I had to give Miss Roberts credit. However it was done, she'd created an amazing form of detention.
Forget to do your homework? Talk back to the teacher? No problem - we've got just the cutest little skirt and panties for you to wear - and we'll make sure they fit, too! How about a pair of pretty breasts...with a matching pussy, as well?
With that kind of threat, I wouldn't be surprised if every guy here ended up in an Ivy League school. The Miss Sheila DeVille School for Wayward Boys probably had the highest percentage of college-bound grads in America.
Miss Barton spoke. "Pop Quiz, gentlemen...and ladies." I shuddered as I realized which category applied to me. She continued. "Please put away your books...and Lucy, since this is your first day, you're excused from the quiz. Please study the next poem." I complied instantly.
She handed out the quiz, face down, and smiled impishly. "And boys, let's make this a little more interesting. The first male student to turn in a completed exam with a perfect score will be allowed to have some quality time ...with Lucy."
Absolute horror filled every cell of my body, as every guy turned to stare at me.
Oh my God! Did that mean...that I would have to...like Stephanie did with Tom?
No! Not that...she can't make me do that...with a ...with a boy!
But I knew she could. The compulsion would see to that. In a few minutes, one of these guys will finish his test. Then he'll walk to my chair, take my hand and lead me to the couch. Then he'll take off my clothes.
And then he's going to fuck me.
And I'm going to let him.
I'd never known terror like this. I'm female...which means I have a pussy...which means I can be fucked. A cock can be pushed into my body. I can be entered... penetrated... dominated.
Whatever you call it - it can be done to me... because I'm a girl. I was no virgin as a guy - I'd lost it years ago. But this was different. To have sex as a girl meant to surrender...to submit in a way a boy could never understand. Miss Barton was right - when I crossed the line of gender, I'd entered a new world. And I didn't like where I'd landed.
I cast furtive glances at the boys working feverishly on their tests. Which one would it be? Which one of these guys was going to...going to take my cherry?
And the image of one of these boys...doing me... caused another reaction. I felt something new and strange under my skirt...inside my panties. I felt warm...tingly...and an exotic hunger.
Oh god - when I considered what was about to happen to me...I was getting horny! The thought of lying underneath a boy...feeling his cock against me...was repulsive to my mind - but a thrill to my feminized body.
I started to get wet. I could feel the moisture seeping from my vagina into my nylon underwear. I recrossed my legs - but the slight friction of my panties against my clit made me hotter still. My breathing quickened just a bit and I felt a need...a bizarre desire... to be filled.
There was an emptiness between my legs that I had to satisfy. Which one...which boy has the biggest cock? Will he be the one to...?
As grotesque as the desire was to my imprisoned masculine psyche, I began to hope that whatever boy who won would have a really big penis. Because the bigger he was...the better he could...he could... fuck my new pussy.
Was the compulsion making me so horny? Or was this my female body, acting on its own?
Unbidden, a third possibility flashed into my mind. Maybe...maybe this was what I wanted all along. That it wasn't a spell...or female hormones making me hungry for cock. Maybe it was just me...
No...it couldn't be...I'm a guy...I like girls! I never wanted... But then I remembered that extraordinary dream of being a little girl on the playground...teasing the boys. Had the atmosphere at this freaky school revealed something hidden about my sexuality?
I could not believe the thoughts cascading through my mind, the feelings coursing through my new body. I tried to wrench my thinking back to a masculine mindset. I called up an image of my first lovemaking with a girl - we were both 15, lonely and frustrated at the institutional life that provided no emotional support. I remembered the hours of foreplay as we gently explored each other - expressing a tenderness our harsh lives otherwise forbade.
I remembered the moment when I pulled her panties down her smooth thighs - how hard I'd been as I positioned myself above her. And that first thrust...slow...so slow... exquisitely slow as I...
...was entered, eagerly waiting for him to increase the tempo.
Dammit! Even when recalling a true experience, I kept shifting into the girl's point of view. I desperately conjured other memories of my limited sexual past...but it was useless - I became female in every one.
My heart leapt into my throat - the first boy finished the test. He stepped to the front to have Miss Barton score it, while I waited with a racing pulse. I could not stop my eyes from looking at his crotch, wondering how big he was. I breathed a mental sigh of relief as he returned to his desk, giving me a disappointed look after missing two questions.
But my body didn't want to wait any longer. I was now officially hornier than I'd ever been in my entire life. Male arousal was nothing compared to this. My pussy had soaked clear through my panties - the insides of my thighs were damp a third of the way to my knees - and my nipples! Fully erect as only a girl can be - they tented out the front of my silk blouse. And deep within me, was that ungodly, overwhelming desire to be...filled.
I just wanted to wrap my legs around something...anything! And squeeze as strong as I could! I wanted to be ridden hard and put away wet! Fucked six ways from Sunday!
And so it was almost with relief that I saw Jack take his exam to Miss Barton, and to see her smile approval at his perfect score. She then turned that winning smile to me. She said nothing - but I could see in her eyes her enjoyment of what was about to happen. Jack approached my chair and held out his hand. I took it instantly and followed him to the couch.
We arrived at the couch, the entire class facing us in expectation. Jack was so tall! An hour ago, I was bigger than him - now, he towered over me by nearly a foot. And while looking at him, I felt the same sense of awe I'd experienced when I faced Miss Barton or Miss Roberts. He was someone to be obeyed - not quite as powerful as a teacher, but an authority figure nonetheless. I knew that I would do whatever he told me to.
I have to. Because he's a boy.
And I'm a girl.
A fact made all too obvious when Jack took off my silk blouse - revealing my cute little tits to the entire class. I quietly complied when he told me to remove my socks and shoes. He then laid me down on the couch - I looked up at him from my supine position...waiting.
Then he kissed my left breast - rolling the swollen nipple with his tongue. Oh! I'd never felt anything like it...it seemed as if my entire breast had become the nipple. I thought I would pass out as he gently sucked. A soft moan emanated from my lips.
It seemed to last forever. Unlike Tom with Stephanie, Jack was taking his time with me. I certainly wasn't going to complain - not with such pleasure echoing across my chest. He paused, then leaned forward and brushed my long hair back from my ear - and whispered to me.
"We've all been through this, Lucy...I'll go easy on you...you'll be OK."
Then he lifted my skirt to my waist and slowly tugged my sopping wet panties down my smooth, hairless thighs. Despite the masculine side of me keening in dread, I quickly spread my legs, grabbing the back of my knees, opening myself to him fully. My body told me to do it, so I did. I noted the cool air of the room against my superheated crotch - which had become so strangely, yet so wonderfully...soft.
He then undid the zipper of his dark uniform trousers, and pulled his erection out. It looked huge from my new perspective - certainly bigger than anything I ever had. He leaned forward and pressed his cock against my all-too-eager pussy.
Oh my god! This is really happening! He's going to fuck me!
Gently, but firmly - he eased his massive tool into my dripping cunt - which stretched to accommodate him with surprising ease. Ohhhh! The incredible sensation of being filled! I know I should hate this...I should be ashamed and repulsed. But...oh god...oh god...it feels so good to be a girl!
He rocked partway out and I felt the emptiness return. No! Please stay in me, I pleaded silently. I was relieved when he pushed back into my vagina...more firmly this time. Oh yes! Again!
He established the rhythm, gradually increasing the depth and pace. And I was transported to a level of bliss I never could have imagined. My hips rose to meet his, and I wrapped my legs across his back. It was so alien, so bizarre to have my body invaded like this...by a boy, no less. To submit - totally and completely. To know he was in charge...and I was his to command.
The thought should have chilled my ardor - but no such luck as I realized the very act of surrender was itself arousing to me. And most ominously, I didn't think it was the compulsion making me feel that way.
This was so surreal. An hour ago, I was a guy. Now, I'm this bare- breasted teen girl, lying on her back. Her skirt hiked up to her waist. Her legs spread wide. Her bare feet elevated high in the air. Her pink, nylon panties dangling indecorously from one ankle.
And a well-hung stud on top of her, thrusting his massive cock into her tight, steaming, gushing pussy as hard as he could.
Surreal it may have been, but I was so turned on by what was being done to me that I was actively pulling Jack downward, trying to drive him *through* my body and into the couch beneath us. The boy I was supposed to be was dismayed, but sex as a girl was far too appealing, too powerful to resist - even if the compulsion weren't a factor.
God this is intense! Girls generally come in the categories of 'gasper', 'moaner' or 'screamer'. I appeared to be a combination of all three. I began to cry out in delight, increasing in pitch and volume as Jack fucked me. There was a meaty, wet slap every time his masculine groin rammed into my feminine one. He appeared to have some talent beyond size, as he carefully leaned forward - making sure my throbbing clitoris received its share of friction.
And did the little-girl-in-the-boat ever love it. I felt an amazing sensation of pleasure building around my clit, and a similar one building inside my pussy. Then the two feelings merged into one, and began to spread up my body...moving up to my swollen nipples. Once all the pleasure points merged, the glow began to elevate into yet another level of joy.
And I realized I was only moments away from my first female orgasm. Jack was nearing his moment too - I could feel him deep inside me, his ever-so-warm penis twitching in anticipation. But not as much as my pussy - I could actually sense the lips of my vulva quivering.
And then it happened.
Ecstasy flooded my entire being with a liquid, sensuous rush. My heart began slamming away, each beat visibly moving my chest along with an audible roar of blood pumping through the vessels in my ears. My whole body went rigid and straight as a board. Despite my tiny size, I was able to lift my girly little ass clear off the couch - pushing as hard as I could into the onslaught of Jack's magnificent cock. My rib cage expanded with every labored gasp and I squealed in a feminine voice as powerful contractions rippled through my pussy and quickly traveled outward to rock my body from head to toe.
I did not want it to end. The convulsions kept up for what must have been over a minute - the entire couch shaking as I endlessly came. Somewhere in the midst of it all, Jack had his orgasm - but I was so in thrall to my climax that I barely registered the sensation of his hot cum filling my pussy. It wasn't until Jack collapsed onto me in an exhausted state - similar to my own - that I realized I'd just finished having sex...as a girl.
Finished? Nope...I wanted more! The weight of Jack's large body on mine was surprisingly pleasant - but it wasn't enough. That orgasm had been the single most joyful moment of my entire life...and I just *had* to feel it again.
I could sense Jack softening inside me. No! I spent a few moments concentrating furiously - then I figured out how to make my vagina contract on command. I began squeezing my new pussy muscles around his cock, while I wrapped my legs still more tightly around his back. I wanted him hard again. I wanted him to fill me up again.
And so I did something that would have been unthinkable an hour ago. I pulled his handsome face down to mine.
And kissed him.
He paused in surprise - which gave me the chance to thrust my tongue into his mouth - making me the aggressor for a moment. The masculine part of me gibbered in horror at lip-locking with a guy. But his was a tiny voice...far away in a remote corner of my mind - I just ignored him.
Kissing Jack felt so, so nice. I could sense the warmth building in my pussy - and I could feel him growing firm - right where I wanted him most. Just a little more encouragement and we could start all over. So I whispered into his ear.
"That was amazing, Jack. You're so incredible...I love the feel of your cock in my pussy. You're so big and...and you fill me up so completely! Do it again, Jack...fuck me again...I'll make you feel wonderful! Oh, I'm soooo hot for you, Jack. You make me so wet. I need you...I want you... do me...do me again! Please!"
That was all it took. His tool swelled to its former spectacular size and he began to ease in and out of me - creating that delightful contact with the slick walls of my pussy. And once more I was taken to exquisite rapture as he pumped my cunt over and over. A second orgasm...oh my god! Even better than the first! So intense... and so long. I cried out my pleasure at the top of my lungs. "Yes....oh yes! Oh my Jack...my sweet Jack...don't stop...please don't stop fucking me...yes...more...please more...oh YES!"
At last, it ended. Jack collapsed on me for the second time as I finally reacquainted myself with my surroundings. Panting heavily, I looked at the rest of the class - all of whom were staring at me in astonishment. And all of whom were in various stages of arousal. I could see several of the boys adjusting themselves - trying to accommodate the massive erections I had just inspired in them.
Nor were the two other females unaffected. Stephanie had one hand on her breasts, while her other had hiked up her skirt, one forefinger tracing lazy circles over the pink crotch of her silken panties. Miss Barton had retained some dignity, but even she was not immune. A light sheen of perspiration covered her creamy skin, while the nipples atop those incredible tits looked as if they were about to jump right through her blouse.
I lay there on the couch. Still in my naked girl's body. My skirt still raised up over my hips. My panties still dangling from one ankle. My breasts still bared for one and all to see.
Underneath a boy.
I suppose this was the point where the male part of me should have been cringing in shame - but the afterglow of those two hyper-intense orgasms just dominated me. And too, there was that strange sense of satisfaction...of knowing how my body could appeal to guys. I was pleased to note that despite the pretty Stephanie sitting in the middle of the room with her own skirt hiked up and a hand snaking into her underwear, the boys were not looking at her. They were looking at me.
I felt so wondrously...feminine.
I continued to stroke Jack's well-muscled back as he lay astride me - considering whether or not I could inspire him to a third round. I was just about to go for it when Miss Barton spoke - a note of admiration in her voice.
"Well! You certainly know how to put on a show, Miss Fletcher. Still, class must go on. Both of you please return to your seats."
The compulsion to obey was irresistible - I regretfully disengaged from Jack - disappointed when he pulled his lovely cock from my pussy. I missed the feeling of being filled - and I resolved to experience it again as soon as I could. Slowly, I got dressed - noting with more than a little satisfaction how the boys' eyes lingered on me as I tugged my panties into place - still marveling at how smooth and soft they were. I remained seated on the couch while Jack sat down at his desk. Teasingly, I left my skirt hiked up over my hips as I pulled on my knee- socks and Mary-Janes - making sure the boys got a nice long look at my pretty underpants.
Just like my dream of the playground - except this was real. And I was no child - I was a young woman - with all that implied for my sexuality. It was so exciting...knowing the boys wanted me.
I could *make* them want me.
My god - do I actually like this? Do I like being...this way?
I pulled on my blouse, lowered my hem and finally returned to my chair - I looked at the clock in amazement - nearly an hour had passed since Jack first led me to the couch. It seemed like another lifetime. Stephanie had a look of astonishment on her pretty face - I knew I had far surpassed her own session with Tom.
Bluntly speaking, I'd outfucked her. By a mile.
She may have had bigger breasts and a shorter skirt - but she couldn't match the level of female sexual prowess I'd just demonstrated. I felt a curious sense of pride - of being more girl than she was.
Of course, odds were high Stephanie was OK with that - she was just doing what she had to. She didn't have to get into it the way I did - she was really a boy, after all.
Wait a minute. I'm supposed to be a boy, too.
Of course, I didn't feel much like a boy right then - what with Jack's cum seep out of my pussy and into the soft cotton gusset of the pink and lace panties I was wearing under my pleated skirt. Not exactly a masculine experience.
And so Miss Barton resumed the lecture - valiantly ignoring the charged sexual energy remaining in the classroom. Meanwhile, I tried to figure out if I was Lucas...or Lucy. And which one did I want to be? I tried to tell myself it was just the spell, or the body - but I was having doubts. Deep inside, I was afraid something had happened to me. I was not reacting like the other boys-turned-girls. I remembered Michelle - across from my dorm room last night - she certainly didn't seem to be enjoying her day. And Stephanie was little better. To be sure, they were cooperative - a mandated fa├žade of compliance - but I was confident both of them were/would be grateful to resume their male forms.
But how would I feel tomorrow, when I became I a guy again? Would I be glad...or sad? Sixteen years of boyhood should have made the answer easy. But the unbelievable experience of getting screwed as a girl was making me think twice. And even more than that was the thought of being...sexy. Of becoming an object of desire. Of being able to entice boys, with nothing more than my body and my clothes.
What is going on with me?
For the next hour, I tried to focus on Miss Collin's lessons as she shifted from poetry to math. My mind was in a whirl, trying to make sense of the extraordinary experience of being female - and of being fucked - and of the scary fact that I wanted more of both.
As I took notes, I was still astonished at my new body, and with my clothes. I crossed and re-crossed my smooth legs under my skirt - somewhat irritated by the dampness in my panties. My nipples remained almost painfully hard - while my sexual tension had been mostly alleviated by what Jack had done to me, part of me was still rarin' to go.
Calming down was made still harder by the surreptitious glances the boys cast my way. I'd certainly made an impression on them, and I knew they wouldn't forget it. Every guy in the class would want to repeat Jack's performance with me - because they understood I would give them something more than the perfunctory, manufactured enthusiasm of a girl like Stephanie.
A point driven home when the next boy - Kevin - hit the class lottery ticket by proving a singularly difficult geometry theorem on the blackboard. My heartbeat accelerated when Miss Barton invited him to sample my wares. And my panties, which had finally dried out, instantly began to grow wet again.
"Kevin, since we only have a few minutes before lunch, I'm afraid I'm going to have to limit your reward to...shall we say...a verbal one."
I had a pretty good idea of what that meant as Kevin led me to the couch, where the tall blonde boy then directed me to...kneel.
I quickly complied, realizing with trepidation and joy that I was about to give my very first blowjob. As I sank to the floor, I kept my eyes locked on his - it seemed to make my submission that much more powerful. Then I unzipped Kevin's uniform slacks and...and...took his swollen cock in my tiny hands. Oh God...I'm touching another guy's penis! And yet again, my body betrayed me. I felt the irresistible urge to be filled, penetrated. Strangely enough, I was satisfied with the idea of sucking him off. As long as some part of my body was stuffed with cock, it didn't seem to matter which of my three holes was used.
And so I wrapped my lips around his penis and began to...deep throat him. How did I know how to do that? It seemed the compulsion, or the spell or whatever had given me a hitherto unknown talent. He was so warm in my mouth, filling me soooo nicely.
My nipples were fully erect and my pussy juices were leaking through my panties and running far down my thighs. My long hair swished back and forth as I gave a blowjob worthy of a Las Vegas callgirl. And deep within was that unsettling feeling of enjoyment, a sense of rightness about being a teen girl on her knees, in front of a guy, greedily sucking on his huge cock.
That weird sense of rightness increased still further as my tongue felt his penis tense and quiver - and I knew he was about to orgasm. Somehow, the thought of this boy filling my mouth with warm cum seemed even more intimate, more feminine than when Jack had fucked my pussy just a little while ago.
And god help me, feeling feminine was what I wanted most of all.
I redoubled my efforts and was rewarded when he gasped and forced the back of my head against his body as what seemed like gallons of sperm rushed from his wonderful cock deep into my throat. He hardly needed to hold me in place, though - since I was determined not to miss a drop. I stayed right on him even when the last jets had faded. Then I cleaned his deflating tool with my tongue and carefully put it back into his pants.
Still kneeling, I met Kevin's eyes again to see him smiling down at me with a look of pure satisfaction. I'd wager I'd just given him the blowjob of his life. I smiled back - still enjoying my crouching position. I realized I didn't want to stand up yet...I wanted more.
But the ringing of the bell brought the erotic little tableau to an end as Miss Barton ordered us to lunch. As I stood and made my way to the door, straightening out the hem of my schoolgirl skirt, I once again was struck by how tall the boys were in comparison to my dainty frame. I did enjoy the stares of lust every boy sent in my direction - nobody was paying attention to Stephanie as she quietly slipped out - nodding to me gratefully. I understood where she was coming from - despite the compulsion, she wanted nothing to do with sex as a girl. And as long as I was around, the boys would ignore her.
Which left more for me - cool!
Miss Barton stopped me before I left. I stood quietly before her - still magically compelled to respond to her every command.
"You certainly are fitting in, Lucy" she said, giving me a considering glance. "One might think you're actually enjoying this."
"I'm sorry, Miss Barton," I meekly replied. "I don't know what got into me."
"Actually, it looks like two boys...got into you," she smiled. "Being a girl seems to work for you in a certain way. You do appear to have an aptitude for femininity I wouldn't have expected. This could have an interesting impact on your future here."
I remained silent. I knew what she was talking about. My enthusiastic...cooperation with Jack and Kevin went beyond the compulsion - and Miss Barton and I both knew it. Something about me had changed. Even if the spell commanding me to obey the boys were to be lifted, I don't think my new female urges would have lessened.
Miss Barton continued. "We'll talk again soon on this subject, Lucy. I'm curious to see how the rest of your day plays out. You'd better get to lunch, unless you want to be wearing panties tomorrow, as well." She looked closely at me for my reaction. I feigned a brief expression of disgust - which I hoped she bought. Truth be told, the idea of spending more time as a girl wasn't as ghastly as it would have been a few hours ago.
In fact, it was downright appealing.
But I didn't want Miss Barton to know that. The Miss DeVille School for Wayward Boys used the threat of feminization to keep the boys in line. If the headmistress were to believe I actually liked being turned into a girl, liked being dressed in lingerie, and especially liked caressing, sucking and being impaled by big cocks, then the whole purpose of this unique discipline was defeated. In which case, future punishments might be less pleasant.
So I resolved to tone it down for the rest of the day, at least until I could get some time to myself and sort it all out. A feat easier to achieve once I was in the hallway and the cloud of pheromones I'd exuded earlier finally dissipated. Then too, being surrounded by dozens of boys, all of whom were so much bigger than me, brought a sense of intimidation that transcended the siren call of my temporary new gender.
Jack suddenly tugged on my arm, pulling me aside. I acquiesced, noting I was still compelled to follow his direction - part of the spell that made the girls of this crazy academy compliant to teachers and boys alike. He looked at me with a combination of lust and compassion.
"Sorry, Lucy," he said sympathetically.
"You might have said something," I replied in a soft but accusing tone.
"Like what? If I'd told you yesterday that guys who caused problems here were turned into real girls, pussies and all, would you have believed me? Would you have believed you could become the female star of a classroom orgy?"
"Probably not," I said. "But still..."
"But nothing. The only way any guy is going to accept the truth of this school is to experience it for himself. Or herself, as the case may be."
I remembered something he'd said to me when he was...oh god, when he was on top of me just a little while ago. I found my panties getting wet yet again as I recalled how he'd fucked me so wonderfully. I tried to refocus. Oh yeah... "Jack, you said you'd all been through this. Does that mean..." My voice trailed off.
An embarrassed look appeared on his face. He nodded. "It was my second week here. I was late for class and half an hour later, I was Jackie for the rest of the day. Hell, I think I was even smaller than you are now - wearing the blouse and the skirt and all the rest. And yes, I spent my time making the boys feel very, very good. I was totally grossed out, but as you know, you just can't help yourself. Once you're a girl here, you just... just *have* to do whatever the guys want you to. I finally got in control when I got back to my room, but by then, I was so ashamed of being a fuck-toy for the school, I just broke down crying."
I remembered Michelle last night, from the room across from me up in the dorms. The sobbing I'd heard. And Mike, emerging from the same room the next morning, still obviously dismayed at having been a schoolgirl slut the previous day.
"So now you see, Lucy. Boys here will do anything to please the teachers, because if they don't, then they'll be pleasing the other guys. Once is usually enough - especially since the more times a guy gets turned into a girl, the shorter her skirts, the bigger her breasts and the skimpier her panties. Even worse, she gets hornier and hornier - until she's basically sucking or fucking guys every minute of her punishment."
I glanced down the hall, where I saw Stephanie stepping out of the boys' bathroom, adjusting her uniform. There was a mixed expression of shame and desire on her face. A very satisfied boy followed behind her. "So Stephanie..."
"Yeah, she's on day two. Not too extreme, but she's worse off than you are right now. Of course, nothing like Tina."
I thought back to the incredible girl I'd seen yesterday. Even in my current state - where I could see how femininity had a certain attraction, I was still intimidated by what Miss Roberts had done to her. The thought of being like that filled me with fear.
And curiosity. I thought back on how amazing it had felt to be screwed as a girl. If I became like Tina, then I could have any boy I wanted, all day long. I looked up at Jack, thinking about what had been like to have his huge cock buried deep inside my tight, teen pussy. My small breasts swelled at the image.
Jack returned my gaze - a contemplative expression on his face. "But you know, Lucy, I wonder about you. I mean, I know you have to cooperate with the spell and all, but still..."
I was torn between wanting to deny I enjoyed any part of this, and wanting to drag Jack off to the bathroom and have him do me all over again. Miss Barton arrived - breaking this little tableau and directing us to the cafeteria. We both immediately obeyed - me because of the spell, and Jack because he knew he'd be wearing pink girl panties if he didn't.
In the cafeteria, I felt oddly compelled to fill my tray with yogurt, salad and other classic "girl food". I found myself drawn to the only table with females. I walked over, both pleased and nervous by all the stares I drew from the boys - who were whispering to each other as I passed. I wondered if my performance from this morning's class was becoming the rumor of choice for the day.
Stephanie nodded to me as I sat, smoothing my skirt and crossing my legs in the feminine manner that was all too rapidly becoming second nature to me. The other two girls glanced shyly at me, then quickly return to their meals.
"Quite the day you're having, Lucy" Stephanie commented half mockingly, half admiringly.
"I...I just couldn't help myself," I replied, attempting to maintain the illusion my response to Jack and Kevin was purely involuntary. I really didn't want anyone to think I liked being this way...especially when I wasn't 100% sure myself.
"Oh I'm not complaining, believe me. In fact, I'm grateful. I figure you saved me at least one blowjob by distracting the class the way you did." Stephanie smiled. "You're certainly an impressive fu...um, partner. I'd love to do you...although I'm not exactly equipped for it right now," she continued, looking regretfully down at her petite little frame.
I shared the look, admiring her legs projecting from the hem of her short skirt and oddly envying the B cup breasts on her chest. And yet I realized that while Stephanie was indeed pretty and cute, I really wasn't turned on by her the way I would have been prior to my encounter with Miss Roberts enchanted paddle. Make no mistake, even in my current body, I'd have no problems spending some quality time with Stephanie. But given a choice, I'd far rather have a boy.
Any boy...any time...and in any way.
Once again, just the thought of a big cock sliding deep up my pussy made my pretty underpants warm and damp. I was torn between the intense desires of my body and the fear I was losing control over myself. As a diversion, I turned my attention to the other two girls at the table - both of whom were like me, with the modest skirts and small breasts that indicated this was the first time girlhood had been inflicted upon them.
"So what are you two in for?" I said in a parody of the classic prison line.
"Late for class" and "failed a test" were the whispered, almost squeaky responses. These two temporary ladies were obviously deeply ashamed of what they had become, and couldn't even face another girl without blushing. I suspected that whatever sex they'd already endured today must have been particularly horrifying to them - male minds trapped in dainty female bodies that were forced to obey any boy's commands.
That was how I was supposed to feel - the punishment that enforced discipline in this bizarre place. And yet my reaction had been different. I could tell I was calmer, somehow more comfortable than these two girls. More comfortable...with my femininity. And that was really starting to scare me.
I asked Stephanie, "Will you be back for a third day?" - half-hoping she might say yes, just so I wouldn't be the only boy that secretly wanted to be like this.
"Not a chance," she replied firmly. "I've definitely learned my lesson. Besides, I want to be sure I'm a guy the next time you go all girly..." She leaned over and whispered softly into my ear.
"...so I can fuck your brains out."
She smiled again and flounced away in a swirl of skirts. I stared after her in astonishment, wondering which was worse: the fact that she assumed I would become a girl again...or the fact that I hadn't denied it.
Would I? Would I give Miss Roberts a reason to feminize me again? I tried to tell myself there was no chance - but the hunger of my panty- clad pussy was like a siren call...begging for more...more time as a girl...more time on my knees...more time for...oh god...more time for...cock.
I made my way to my next class, trying to deny what I was feeling. With each passing second, my female body was making me feel more disconnected from the boy I was supposed to be. I concentrated on the lessons, but also found myself sizing up the guys in the seats around me, wondering who would be the best...fuck. Fortunately, Miss Barton didn't call me out for any sexhibitions in the back. Apparently, there was a limit to the number of "rewards" a teacher could give out in a single day. After all, the school did have a schedule to maintain.
Halfway through the afternoon, it was time for me to deal with another little challenge: the bathroom. A boy's school wouldn't be expected to have any facilities for girls - and it was apparent the teachers' rooms would be off limit to any student. So I obtained a pass from a smirking Miss Barton and made my way down the hall to the boy's restroom.
This was the first time I'd been alone since my transformation. I felt so tiny and so very vulnerable walking the corridor alone, the hem of my uniform skirt swaying against my bare thighs. I arrived at the bathroom, the word BOYS mocking me gently. The door actually creaked as I tentatively pushed it open, struggling against its weight with my slender arms. Nervously, I peeked inside and was grateful to see the space was unoccupied.
I stared wryly at the urinals, knowing all too well I was completely incapable of using them. Instead, I headed for one of the few stalls, and performed for the first time the simple ritual practiced by three billion females every day: the lifting up of skirts, the tugging down of panties, the sitting and the wiping. While I assumed the position, I stared with fascination at the pink and lace briefs around my knees. They were soft, pretty, feminine - so obviously meant to be worn by a girl.
A girl like me, I was forced to acknowledge as I pulled the pretty undies back up to my hips, where they settled in perfectly, the soft fabric making my skin tingle. I made my way over to the sinks, and washed my tiny hands. I was so short, I could barely see my cute, schoolgirl face in the mirror.
But I was able to see the boy stepping up behind me, with a broad smile of anticipation.
I froze in shock as he gently but firmly put his hands on my shoulders, spinning me around to face him. I didn't recognize him - he must have been from another class. God, he was tall! Dark-haired, muscular, blue eyes - the kind of thing one boy was not expected to notice about another.
But then - I'm not really a boy right now, am I? I felt a shiver run through my petite, feminine body as he slowly looked me up and down. I was unable to move a muscle, while awaiting his...command.
"You're certainly a pretty little thing. I don't think we've met before. What's your name, sweetie?" he asked.
"Lu...Lucy," I stammered.
"Well, Lucy, we're in luck. I've got a free period, so how about we take a little time to get to know each other better?"
I knew what that meant - and half of me, the half that loved what had been done to my body earlier today - was eager to resume. On the other hand, the part of me that was trying desperately trying to retain his masculinity was all the more apprehensive. Perhaps because he knew the more time he spent having sex as a girl, the greater the chance that he wouldn't even *want* to be a guy again. With every thrust of a thick cock into his tight pussy, he would become more effeminate; with each female orgasm he would become more girly.
But it wasn't like I had a choice, anyway. The compulsion was already kicking in...that infernal mandate that required me to obey any woman or boy in this freaked-out school. I felt like Ella Enchanted. So I stood there, expecting this boy to tell me to undress or something. Instead, he surprised me.
"Let's try a little experiment, Lucy. I know you have to do what I say...so how about this: I want you to stay completely still." I remained perfectly motionless, wondering where he was going with this.
"Very good, Lucy. Now I want you to think about your breasts. Those cute little tits under your blouse. I want you to imagine your nipples hardening, firming up, aching to be touched."
Obeying his order, my mind conjured up an image of my breasts as they had looked in the mirror when the headmistress first transformed me.
"Concentrate, Lucy...very hard," he whispered. And suddenly, to my amazement, I found my breasts responding to my thoughts. My nipples were crinkling up, my small boobs suddenly straining against my blouse. Stunned, I stood there, still motionless, as I realized this boy could control my body without ever touching me. Without even me touching myself!
"Excellent, Lucy. Now, I want to focus lower down. I want you to think about your pussy. I want you to make your pussy wet. I mean really, really, wet...the way only a girl can be. I want your panties to become damp."
And in less than ten seconds, my crotch was drenched. My god...the power...the power he held over me...
"You're horny, Lucy. You still can't move, but you're so horny. You want to have me inside you, you can't want for me to fuck you. You just *have* to have me.
I felt a wave of intense feminine desire sweep over me. I wanted him...oh! how I wanted him. My breathing increased, my pulse quickened, and I swear I could feel the heat from my aroused pussy even with my hands at my side. I realized to my embarrassment that both of us could smell my female odor - generating from the copious amounts of moisture my vagina was leaking into the crotch of my nylon underpants.
Embarrassed or not, I was even more turned on than I was when Jack had fucked me on the bench. My inability to move in any way made the sensations still more extreme. This was the ultimate bondage - turning a guy into a dainty teen girl, then freezing her in place by merely speaking a word. Who needs whips and handcuffs when you can do this to someone?
He smiled. "Let's take this one more step, Lucy. In a few moments, I'm going to tell you to come. And when I do, you're going to fall to your knees, say "Thank you, master"; and then experience the most awesome orgasm of your life. You'll come so hard, you'll feel you're about to pass out. And while you're coming, the only thing you'll be able to think about is your pussy and how much you just love being female. Do you understand?"
Although my masculine side was terrified at the thought of enduring another girl's orgasm, I had no choice. Besides he couldn't really do that to me, could he? I mean, even with the compulsion spell, you can't make someone come just by telling her to, right?
Wrong. "Orgasm, Lucy," he commanded.
And instantly I obeyed. I fell to my knees and whispered "thank you master" as the first contraction of my superheated pussy began. Oh my god. Even better than this morning. A roaring filled my ears as my body transmitted an incredible sense of electricity to every extremity. My pussy was convulsing, quivering in ecstasy as my clit and my nipples battled each other in a contest to see who could become harder.
Ohh. Ohhh!!!! Oh my god...it's...so...it's...sooooo good!
I was vaguely aware of a girl's voice crying out in delight, over and over...and vaguely aware she was me. Mostly, the tiny corner of my mind that was still rational was marveling anew at the astonishing sensation of being female...of having a pussy that felt as if it were glowing...of breasts that strained against my silk blouse...of the coolness of my satin-lined skirt brushing my smooth thighs...and of how badly I wanted to be fucked by the nearest boy.
When the glow finally faded, I found myself lying on my back, the aforementioned skirt hiked up over my hips, my pink panties fully exposed and my legs spread wide, hips bucking upward, desperately seeking...penetration. I looked up at the guy who'd done this to me...and I started to beg. "Please...please..." I whimpered.
"Please what, Lucy?"
"Please...fu...fuck me." The boy in me was in no shape to complain...this last orgasm had diminished him still further...all he could do now was go along for the ride his new female body was taking him.
"Are you certain you want this, Lucy?"
In one way, I didn't. That fading masculine part of me was still angry about being transformed into this fragile and feminine creature. I wondered if what I was experiencing could be construed as rape. Yes, my body was willing...god, it was willing! Yet it was still a violation of my mind. If you had a device you could aim at a girl, and make her horny beyond belief...if she then begged you for sex and you obliged her - well, if wasn't rape, it was the next closest thing.
But the point was moot. Whether it was my body, or the spell, or whatever, I had a primal, animalistic girlish need that only a boy could satisfy.
"Yes...please, yes..." I nearly sobbed...pleading with him to do me.
"Very well. Get on your hand and knees." I instantly complied. I sensed him moving to his own knees, then felt my skirt being lifted up, and my panties gently tugged down as I realized I was about to be done...doggy-style.
He paused as I pushed my hips back...yearning so much for his entry. I realized this boy, whatever his name, was a little more sophisticated than other guys. For him, fucking was just a tool in a larger game of dominance...of demonstrating how powerful he was, and making the girl realize how weak she was.
And in this case, I was the girl. A fact made still more evident when I finally felt his massive cock enter my eager pussy. God, was every guy in this school hung like a horse? He thrust firmly, rhythmically into me...every penetration a joy, every withdrawal a disappointment that could only be relieved when he thrust into me yet again.
How long this delirious delight continued, I couldn't say. I rocked slowly back and forth, my body running up and down scales of arousal, uttering soft moans as I surrendered to the terrifying, fantastic sensation of being fucked as a girl.
Suddenly, he paused. I whimpered, my hips thrusting back against him, seeking yet more penetration. I looked up, wondering why he'd stopped - and saw two more people entering the bathroom. One was a boy I did not recognize. The other was...Tina. She was dressed in that ridiculously short plaid skirt, with those awesome breasts floating far in front of her chest. She was shy, eyes downcast - until she saw me. A small smile spread across her face and I realized that she recognized me. The real me. Even though I was now Lucy, she somehow knew I was Lucas - the new boy she'd met yesterday.
I felt a sense of embarrassment. When we'd encountered each other in the hall the day before, she'd seemed intrigued with me, suggesting we would likely spend a lot of time together. My male ego had assumed she'd been impressed with my body or looks, even though at best I was only a little above average. Still, I'd been flattered.
But now...
That cool guy had become a petite schoolgirl, on her hands and knees in a boys' bathroom, being vigorously screwed by a hunky, well-equipped dude. I felt a sense of shame as Tina gazed down at me - so much for my masculine image.
The boy who'd been fucking me spoke - still hard and buried wonderfully deep in my pussy. "Hey, Tom - I see you found Tina...lucky dog." For a brief instant, I felt a bizarre flash of jealousy. I wasn't good enough for him?
"You're not doing too bad yourself, Dave" the boy with Tina responded. "Who's the new bitch?"
"She's Lucy." Dave responded from behind me. Part of me seethed Tom's reference to me as a bitch, and seethed further as I was referred to as "she".
"Lucy, eh? How is she? She looks like she knows what she's doing."
"She's learning. She's a little shy - you know how the new ones need some time to get into it. Say, why don't you bring Tina over here? Let's have these two do a little lesbian love while we take 'em from behind." "Sound's good. I've got another twenty minutes." With that, Tom ordered Tina onto her hands and knees. She obeyed, getting on all fours in front of me - her lovely face only a few inches away from mine. Tom then lifted her skirt, adjusted her pink thong and pushed quickly inside her. Tina's gorgeous blue eyes went wide, then glassy with pleasure as Tom started fucking her while Dave resumed with me. Both guys got into a rhythm that caused Tina and me to rock towards each other.
It was inevitable - as our faces got closer, she leaned a little forward...and we started to kiss. Oh, it was nice. Kissing a girl as a girl is very different. It's gentle, soft, patient - nothing like the urgency of a boy. Of course, being a guy myself (at least on the inside) I knew how powerful the lesbian fantasy was for Tom and Dave. I'm sure they must have delighted watching us schoolgirls making out, while they took us from behind.
I was lost in this spectacle of eroticism, this mini-orgy combining so many new experiences for me - girl-on-girl kissing; doggy-style fucking as the female; drooling over Tina's incredible body - just like mine: petite, slender, delicate. But with those awesome breasts hanging nearly to the floor, swaying pendulously and sexily with every stroke - she was hyper-feminine.
And the scary part was - I think I wanted to be like her.
Those twenty minutes were the most amazing of my life. From time to time, either Tina or I would pause from our ever-so-sweet kissing to shudder and gasp as our female bodies were wracked by one orgasm after another. Towards the end, we both stopped making out and just gazed into each other's eyes. God, she was sexy! And while we stared, something interesting happened amidst all the glory our vaginas were experiencing.
Tina and I seemed to...bond, to connect on an intrinsically female level. There were no words said...but deep inside, we recognized each other as sisters. And not just girls, but kindred spirits - a certain type of person. Within her I sensed a femininity far more profound, much more extreme than that of normal girls. Someone who was born to be what she was - someone who reveled in being a teenage slut.
And I could see in her eyes that she saw me as the same. Without saying a word, her lovely eyes spoke to me...
...isn't this just wonderful...Lucy? Don't you just love how he feels so very deep inside you? Don't you just want to keep doing this forever? I've waited a long time for you...sister. For someone just like me to share all of this with....and now you're here...on your knees...in front of me...getting fucked as a girl...and loving it...
Perhaps in my right mind, I could have denied it. But with a beautiful boy ramming his eight inch cock into my tight teen pussy, there was no way I could. My eyes affirmed silent assent, then squeezed shut as I entered yet another brilliant orgasm. Tina did the same, our bodies convulsing as our feminine squeals filled the tiled bathroom. Finally, it ended, the whirling colors of incredible pleasure faded, the two boys slowly withdrew from us. I felt the emptiness return, that womanly hunger that seemed to dominate me. Shaken, both Tina and I stood - hot cum dripping down our thighs. The boys zipped up, then turned to me.
"I'm impressed, Lucy," said Dave. "I'm thinking you just might be like little Tina here."
Tom agreed. "Think the headmistress might allow the school a second slut? Sure would be nice."
"I hope so," Dave replied. "Of course, I'm not sure we'd get any work done. How about it, Lucy? Do you want to be like Tina, giant tits and all? You can, you know. All you have to do is fuck up in class six more times, and then you'll get fucked 24/7. Miss Roberts will see to that."
The thought terrified me. And thrilled me. I looked at Tina's tiny body with her immense breasts...and I wondered. Could I be like that? Should I be like that?
How can I not be like that?
The boys then released us from their command. Tina and I went to the sinks, and somewhat sheepishly washed the semen away. She kept giving me sly glances as we cleaned up - a strange combination of teasing and affection. We stepped into our panties and pulled them up into place under our skirts. I found myself a bit jealous over her sexy thong when contrasted with my nylon briefs. And those amazing breasts - swaying back and forth as she moved. And her microskirt...swirling so high on her smooth thighs.
Is that my future? Is that what I really want?
The scary part...the boy side of me wasn't protesting at the thought...
We left the restroom...but not before Tina leaned over to me, her nipples thrusting against my arm as she whispered...
"It's your destiny, Lucy...and you're going to love every minute of it."
Then she sauntered away as I tried to make sense of what I just experienced.
Somehow, I made it through the rest of the day without any more sex, thank god. When we finished dinner and our study hour, I found myself standing in front of the door to my room. Jack came up to me then. God, he looked so tall to me...and...and...handsome.
"Listen, Lucy...I'm sorry for what happened today, but I just wanted to let you know you'll be OK. Yes, you'll cry yourself to sleep tonight, thinking about everything you did. Every guy does...I guess it's the girl's hormones or something. But we've all been through it, and we learned our lesson. Just let it happen and I'll see you in the morning."
He then patted me on the shoulder, after which I entered my room and shut the door behind me.
But I didn't cry.
Instead, I was strangely calm. I walked over to the mirror and stared at the cute, dainty schoolgirl looking back at me. I didn't seem horrified, or embarrassed at the sight. On the contrary, I felt a little bit...pleased.
This was first chance I'd had all day to be alone with my new body. Slowly I undid the buttons on my white silk blouse and shrugged it from my shoulders. A little more fumbling, and my skirt fell to the floor. Here was an interesting fringe benefit - I could look at a girl in her underwear anytime I wanted.
And it was nice. My pink nylon briefs with the lace trim around the legs and the waistband hugged my curvy hips snugly, my smooth crotch sculpted in artificial silk. My chest was far from impressive - yet it worked somehow - all my parts, my gentle curves painting an adorable picture of teenage femininity.
Clad only in my girly undies, I took inventory. Long dark hair, incredibly slender shoulders and arms, tiny hands and feet, smooth legs, cute little tits and of course, the flatness between my soft thighs, the lips of my pussy just visible beneath the filmy fabric.
In every way, I was a girl. And what scared me most what how that didn't scare me. I turned away from the mirror and lay down on the bed, my mind reflecting back on this incredible day.
I'd had my sex changed.
I'd been dressed in girls' clothes.
I'd been more or less raped.
And then I'd wrapped my legs around my "rapist" and begged him to fuck me harder.
I'd gotten on my knees in front of another guy and given him a blowjob.
I'd been screwed doggy-style on the floor of a boy's bathroom.
And I'd telepathically told the hottest girl in the school I wanted to be just like her.
And remembering all of this was turning me on.
My hands were roaming across my body while I conjured up image after image of guys lifting my skirt, pulling down my panties and plunging deep into my pussy. A seemingly endless mental parade of huge, hard cocks impelled me to send a hand into my pretty underpants, my fingers desperately trying to satisfy the intense cravings of my vagina as my hips thrust upward, seeking the penetration of one imaginary boy after another.
Oh god...it feels so...so fucking incredible to be a girl! My room was filled with soft, feminine moans as learned to work my new equipment to its maximum potential. Oh yes...more...please...more...
And yet the image that sent me over the top was not one of the school hunks. It was that of the school slut.
Only, it wasn't the idea of fucking her that appealed to me.
It was the idea of *being* her.
Just thinking of having those gargantuan breasts attached to my petite little body, wearing thongs and micoskirts...and having sex with guy after guy...oohhh yess....please...YESS!!!
I came instantly - a flood of girl juice pouring from my pussy as I gasped my way to another amazing female orgasm.
God, that was soooo wonderful...
I was too drained to even change my panties, let alone turn out the light. As I fell towards a very satisfied sleep, I realized the part of me that still thought of himself as a guy was growing ever fainter. And I wasn't very unhappy about that.
After a night of erotic dreams, with my female body ravished repeatedly by very well-endowed guys and girls, I finally awoke.
And found myself male. The damned spell had expired.
Back in my normal form at last, I ruthlessly expunged a brief sense of disappointment that my girlhood was gone. My masculinity, resurrected by my return to Lucas, was finally able to assert himself. I headed for the mirror and froze at the incongruous sight of a healthy teenage boy wearing pink girl-style panties with a decidedly unfeminine bulge at the crotch.
Embarrassed, I yanked the girls' undies off my hips and drew on a pair of boxers. I tried to ignore the stains in the gusset of my panties, reluctant to recall what I'd been doing last night - and what I'd been thinking about while I was doing it. I dressed myself in the boy's school uniform, noting the rougher feel of the fabric, contrasted with the soft satin and silks of what I'd worn yesterday.
**you could be in skirts again, you know**
No - I wouldn't allow myself to think that.
**Yes, you could. And you could be in panties...and bras...**
No! I wrenched my mind from those traitorous thoughts, grabbed my books and headed out the door. I was immediately the subject of wry remarks and mocking comments. I flushed, knowing that the temporary humiliation was not the real reason I was upset.
No, the real reason manifested himself in the form of Jack as he said good morning. And my reaction to him as I recalled what he'd done to me yesterday, fucking me over and over on the couch in the back of the class. And how I'd begged him for more. And how, even as Lucas, I...I wanted him to do me again.
I'm a guy, dammit. And yet, part of me still...
That was what I feared. So I turned away from him and ruthlessly concentrated on my classwork. The first couple of hours were uneventful. Until, third period - when one of the newer guys (Paul) skipped his homework assignment. Ms Barton escorted him out of the room and fifteen minutes later he returned as Paula. Twenty minutes after that, Paula was on her back on the classroom couch, gasping in ecstasy as she was pounded by another hunk. I kept sneaking glances at her, thinking about what it felt like when I'd been in her Mary-Janes yesterday, lying underneath a well-hung guy.
I looked at the boys around me, at how they were turned on by the sexy sight of two hot teenagers banging away. I knew the guys were imagining themselves as doing Paula. I was turned on too, but not the same way they were.
I was turned on by the idea of *being* Paula.
No. I'm not going to fall for this. I'm Lucas and I'm supposed to be a boy! I gritted my teeth, returned to my book and tried to ignore Paula's cry of orgasm, so much like the sound I'd made when....
Several more hours of this torment continued. I kept telling myself that it would pass, but that seductive, siren call of femininity kept beckoning me...telling me to let go...to surrender to my inner...my inner woman.
Halfway through the afternoon, I was given a study break. Heading for the lockers, I spotted Tina, her gargantuan breasts bouncing languidly across her chest. I felt reassured as a moment of male lust manifested itself upon the sight of her. Unfortunately, the moment quickly segued into desire of a different form. To feel those magnificent tits...projecting from my own chest.
As soon as I caught Tina's eye, her shy expression changed into the half-teasing, half-naughty smile she always showed me - and that made me irritated. Why was she so timid around the other boys, yet so bold with me? I grabbed her arm and pulled her into an empty classroom. She stood quietly before me, flashing that impish grin while I attempted to gather my thoughts amid the distraction of her hyper-feminine body, clad in the schoolgirl micro-skirt and the skimpy blouse.
"Stop smiling at me," I snapped at her. I didn't really want to force her into anything, I just wanted to assert the male dominance that was supposed to be my due - from any girl at this school.
"No", she said back - the mocking smirk not leaving her face. My irritation moved towards anger. I'm a guy, and by god I'll prove it her...me...someone. "Dammit, Tina, you have to do what I say," I growled in as low a baritone I could muster.
Tina said, "It's kind of like the three laws of robotics from Asimov. I have to obey the headmistress. And I have to obey the teachers. And I have to obey the boys when their orders don't conflict with the first two."
"So?" I asked.

"But I don't have to obey the orders of other girls...Lucy."
My anger moved towards rage...mixed with more than a little fear. "That was yesterday, Tina. In case you hadn't noticed, I'm back to normal now."
"Your body is irrelevant to my...mandate. I obey based upon who the person is inside, not what they are on the outside. And you, Lucy, are most definitely a girl on the inside. In fact, there's a fair chance you may be even girlier than me" she grinned.
"No freaking way! And stop calling me that."
"Calling you what? "Lucy"...or "girl"? Doesn't matter, you're both. And you can't make me do anything, anyway. Besides, the fact that we're even having this conversation proves I'm right. If you were a real boy, I'd be on my back with my legs in the air, begging you to get inside me. But you're more interested in proving a point, rather than fucking me. Does that sound like a guy to you, Lucy?"
Something seemed to shift inside me at her words. Was she...was she right?
Her expression changed while I was mulling this over, became harder...more forceful. She spoke again.
"As I said, I don't have to obey you. Lucy. But YOU have to obey ME. Get on your knees."
And just like that, I knelt before her in shock. How...how had she done that?
"When I was transformed permanently into Tina, the headmistress did give me a little bit of power. I am allowed to give orders to other girls...and you certainly qualify. Now don't move until I tell you to."
No! But I obeyed. Oh god...is this true? Am I really a girl? If she can order me like this, then maybe she's telling the truth. Please...no...
Tina then began a seductive striptease. Removing her blouse and skirt, and shimmying out of her lace panties...until she stood before me...a gorgeous, petite teenage blonde with those incredible breasts and a cute, hairless pussy between her soft thighs.
"Look at me, Lucy," she crooned in a soft, sexy voice. "When I came to this school I never imagined this could happen...that a boy could have his body transformed into a girl's. But the moment it was first done to me, I understood something much more important. I understood...that I'd always had the soul of a girl...even a slut."
She cupped her breasts in her tiny hands, looking at them fondly. "When I felt these tits on my chest...felt the silk of girls' panties around my hips...felt the first cock in my tight little pussy...I knew this was what I was meant to be."
She released her boobs, which rippled softly across her chest. She looked directly into my eyes. "Since then, I've only wanted one thing besides being fucked 24/7. The moment I saw you, I knew. I've waited a long time for you...sister."
Horrified, I remained frozen as she continued. "It's time, Lucy...for you to be honest with me...and with yourself. You see me standing before you...and part of you wants to fuck me, that's true. But...that's not really what most appeals to you. You caught a glimpse yesterday of what it felt like to have breasts. Now imagine having them again...only this time far larger...C-cup...DD-cup...F-cup...and beyond. Breasts so large they're like living things...permanently attached to you...telling the world how utterly feminine you are..."
"Look at my vagina, Lucy...see how cute it is? A neat little slit between my legs, reaching ever so deep into my body. Now imagine yourself with a vagina of your own again. That warm, wet softness back, that silly cock gone...replaced by the ultimate object of a guy's fantasy. And imagine some more, Lucy. Imagine that pussy of yours getting reamed by hunky guys a dozen times a day."
Her speech continued as I sank deeper into the trance she was weaving for me. My mind flashed between the inhumanly erotic naked girl before me and the vivid memories of being female myself. Between the two sets of images, I was transfixed by the idea of myself as a girl, a bitch, a...slut...forever.
God, no...
She walked to my kneeling form, leaned over and whispered into my ear. "Imagine yourself underneath a boy, your legs spread, your breasts bare, your skirt hiked up over your hips, your panties in a ball on the floor."
My pulse pounded as she crooned, "Imagine yourself dripping with desire, as he positions himself above you...imagine squealing in pleasure as he plunges deep, ever so deep into your pussy. Imagine him filling you up in ways no man could ever understand.
My breathing quickened as I realized something important, something profound was happening to me. I could sense I was on a precipice of sorts...at a point of no return.
Tina continued with that soft, seductive whisper. "Imagine wrapping your smooth legs around his as he thrusts into you over and over. Imagine that incredible pressure building as his cock rubs against your clit. Imagine clawing his back and begging him to do you even harder."
I felt my masculinity sliding, slipping from my mental grasp...and femininity taking its place. I knew what would happen if she continued.
And she knew it too. She smiled down at me. "Imagine crying out as you come, your pussy rippling, milking his cock to get every drop you can from him. Imagine a second orgasm, and then a third as he fucks so hard you think you'll die from the ecstasy."
I knew I was lost...the picture she was painting for me was becoming clearer - I couldn't even begin to think of myself as anything but a....
"One more step, Lucy...imagine a whole parade of handsome boys lined up behind the guy on top of you. Each one naked, with huge erections. They're ready to pull a train on you, to drill you...one after the other...hours of endless steamy sex. It's like an orgy...except you're the only girl in the room. They're ready to fuck you, Lucy...to make you orgasm over and over. And you need them to do it to you. You need to be their whore...today and every day thereafter..."
"Now, Lucy...I order you to be honest...is that what you want?"
I cried out..."Oh my God, YES!"
It was over...Tina had won. Actually, the girl inside me...who'd been dormant all these years...she'd finally won. She was me...and I was her. And I wasn't going to fight it any more.
Tina laughed...a chuckle of triumph and delight. "So...the truth is revealed at last, Lucy. You're a girl...just like me."
I echoed her. "I'm a girl...just like you."
"You love to wear panties...and skirts..."
"Yes...I...I love being dressed as a schoolgirl".
"You want the boys to drool over you..."
"I want them to want me...to need me."
"You want them to fuck you...all the time."
"Oh, Tina...ye...yes...YES! That's what...yes...I want...I want every single guy in this entire school to...to... fuck me over and over...every day!"
"So...you admit it...you're a slut and a whore."
I looked up at her beautiful naked body and deep into her blue eyes. I looked at her voluptuous curves...the curves that my body would soon duplicate...and I acknowledged what I really was.
Shyly...softly...I spoke..."I'm Lucy...and I'm a girl...and I want to be a slut."
Tina beamed, her lovely face glowing with satisfaction. "Welcome to the sisterhood, girlie...now let's get your body to match what you've shown you really are on the inside." She pulled me to my feet and gave me a huge hug. As her amazing tits pressed against me, I thrilled to the idea that I was destined to have a pair of my own.
I felt a wonderful sense of peace and anticipation. No more fighting...no more denial. No more faux horror at the idea of being a girl. This was what I was meant to be.
We walked back to my classroom, where Ms Barton was waiting with a stern look on her face. "Well, Lucas...do you have an explanation for being late?"
I paused...then smiled insolently back at her. "Naaah...an excuse would imply I care."
Ten minutes later, I was clad in plaid...a schoolgirl skirt brushing my soft thighs, wearing pink nylon hipsters underneath and sporting B-cup breasts on my chest. As I took my seat, I maintained the modest, timid demeanor expected of all girls at this academy. But inside, I smoldered with feminine desire and lust...my silky panties drenched...eagerly anticipating the moment when one lucky boy would be given the chance to fuck me...just like the slut I was born to be.
After that, it was just a matter of time. The next few weeks were a dizzying cycle of feminine transformations, wild girl-style sex and brief returns to boyhood. After my second tour as a girl (two days), I lasted less than a week before I "forgot" to do a homework assignment. Another trip to Miss Roberts and then it was back in lace undies for me. And just like Tina, my skirts grew shorter, my breasts larger (yes!) and my underwear skimpier every time I changed.
And it seemed I got even hornier each time as well. As if I minded - that was a feature, not a bug. The guys started to drool over me the same way they did over Tina. I ended up getting fucked a half-dozen times a day, and sometimes by multiple groups of hunky schoolboys. In between all the sex, Tina and I compared notes on which guys had the best cocks - the better to make us come.
And that's what I adored the most - the endless series of girl's orgasms that steamrolled over me each time a teacher gave a boy permission to... do me. I never could have imagined such a pinnacle of pleasure, let alone reaching it so many times. Yet it grew to the point where I would have tears of happiness in my eyes, openly crying as my pussy quivered with joy again and again. I lost count of the number of times I came each day - my entire body shaking with female ecstasy as I lay underneath one beautiful boy after another, submitting to them in every conceivable way. If this was a punishment, then let me be guilty evermore!
Nightime may have been the best - returning to my room in my torn and stained schoolgirl uniform; stripping it slowly off as I admired my lovely reflection in the mirror, showering sensually, washing my curves and imagining them growing yet more pronounced. Reflecting on all the incredible sex I'd experienced that day and anticipating the day to come - then retiring to my bed, idly running my hands across my breasts and pussy - constantly amazed and delighted at my female form.
Tina and I grew ever closer. We knew exactly what we were: boys with the spirits of sexy girls...horny sluts...wanton whores - now with the female forms to match. We didn't need to hide or apologize to each other - we celebrated both our mental and physical conditions - no embarrassment or shame. We talked about what we felt when our feminine bodies were penetrated by huge cocks, or how much we loved being on our knees, blowing guys by the hour. We spoke of how exciting it was to walk around in our short skirts, knowing how much the boys wanted us - and how eagerly we anticipated the moment they would be allowed to have what they wanted.
Once Tina gently teased me about my small breasts - I smiled at the irony - I was the third day of my fourth transformation. My breasts were a full D cup, which my petite, dainty little teen body made seem even larger. They would have commanded attention in the hallways of every high school in America. Yet next to Tina, I was as flatchested as a child.
But not for long! Still, there were some moments of doubt. When I awoke at the end of a cycle back in my male body, I did feel somehow...emasculated. As if volunteering for femininity had compromised my boyhood. And while that was the whole point, there was still a faint echo of my past trying to resist the repeated waves of femaleness I was forcing him to endure.
But all it took was a couple of days in class, studying the boys and remembering what they had done to me - and how much I loved it - and I would find myself unable to resist my inevitable return to girlhood. I'd misbehave in some minor way, and then it was back to the magical paddle that forced my body to become small and soft, weak and vulnerable - and sexy beyond belief.
It was my sixth transformation that revealed yet another mystery at this incredible school. Miss Barton had escorted me to the office of the headmistress after I refused to work a math problem on the board. By this point, it had to be obvious to both of them that I was not as horrified at my impending femininity as a normal boy would have been. Though I continued to project the image of the surly loner, I could not stop the thrill running across my body when Miss Roberts pulled out the paddle. Then too, Miss Barton also seemed other than angry with me. While her tone was firm as she described my transgression, I thought I saw a look of anticipation on her face. Did watching me get turned into a girl give her a thrill as well?
Once again I was made to strip. Once again the paddle was gently applied with a single tap. And once again, I found my body changing into that of a petite, dainty little schoolgirl.
Except for the breasts. My god, they were huge. Long gone were my days of A and B cups. The weight alone of my massive tits as they settled happily into place was enough to make me stagger - my smooth, slender legs and narrow shoulders struggling to adjust to my altered form. I noted with great satisfaction that my breasts exceeded even the remarkable proportions of the female staff. Tina was now the only lass on the campus whose chest surpassed mine.
And they were so sensitive! The nipples reacted immediately to the cool air in the office, sending a sensual flush across my creamy skin. Each time I'd gone female, my body had become more easily aroused, and this transformation was no exception.
But what was different was what happened next. Ms. Roberts directed me to get on my knees. Meekly, I complied with some difficulty, since my gigantic breasts made me very top-heavy. I had to concentrate carefully whenever I bent over. Finally on my knees and still naked, I awaited her next command, my reacquired vagina already wet with anticipation.
Ms Roberts then removed the skirt of her tight, dark business suit. She was wearing a very sexy black lace garter, panty and stockings combo. I wished I could try the lingerie on myself - I knew I'd look amazing in it. But as a student, I was only permitted to wear uniforms, albeit girlish ones.
But all thoughts of clothing vanished when Ms Roberts reached inside her bikini panties...and pulled out a 12 inch cock.
Jesus! Her cock easily exceeded anything owned by the boys in the school, who were no slouches in their own right. How could such an obviously feminine, beautiful, huge-breasted woman have this monster between her legs?
Then again, how could a normal 16 year old teenage boy be utterly transformed into a 16 year old girl? There was a strange, magical power here, one that had its own set of rules. I had no idea how or why this place was what it was.
I only knew I liked it.
Ms. Roberts spoke. "Welcome back, Lucy. Since you seem to be unable to learn your lesson, you can expect to spend the next week as you are now. Time for you to show me you know your place as a girl student at my academy."
No further words were necessary. Mesmerized by the potency of the massive penis in front of me, my feminine nature took over. I eagerly opened my mouth and gave my headmistress what I hoped was the very best blowjob of her life. It felt so right, so natural to be like this - to be a naked girl, on her knees, her mouth filled with hot cock.
The only downside was that I could accommodate barely half of the masculine beast. Still, I was innately talented, and it wasn't long before a geyser of sperm was shot down my throat by Ms Roberts. She was productive - coming harder than any boy I'd taken before. Sighing softly in satisfaction, I happily swallowed every drop.
Then she directed to lie my torso across her desk, another challenging task as my breasts pillowed out, my nipples tingling from the contact with the well-polished oak. My curvy little butt was sticking out, my pussy fully exposed and ready. God I was ready - more wet and more hot than I ever imagined I could be. The thought of my gorgeous headmistress with her amazing foot long cock fucking me doggie style was nearly enough to send me careening towards orgasm.
And Miss Barton was obviously enjoying the show. She sat back on a leather chair, her skirt hiked up over her lush hips, one hand down her blouse, the other deep inside her dark lace Olga panties. A slight smile on her lips as she awaited my penetration.
But not as eagerly as I awaited it! I looked shyly over my shoulder as Miss Roberts approached me, her cock fully erect again, bobbing slightly as she walked. She grasped me around my tiny waist, and pushed the first inch into my tight, teen pussy. Oh! Not even the most well- endowed boys had parted the lips of my vulva so wide. An incredible orgasm swept over me as my vagina began convulsing. My god...it feels soooo good to be a girl!
My orgasm made me still wetter - which was a good thing, since Miss Roberts cock was stretching my poor little pussy to the limits. Inch by inch, she worked her way into me - a sweet mixture of pleasure and pain spreading across my body. Just when I thought I would pass out from the tension, I found myself jerking back to reality with one unbelievable orgasm after another. I was in rapture, squealing in joy - breathless as she finally touched bottom - all twelve inches buried in me.
She started to fuck me, slowly at first, then with increasing speed. If I thought I knew what it meant to be a girl before then, I was wrong. Miss Roberts took me to heights of ecstasy I never imagined possible. I lost count of how many times I came as she rammed her incredible tool deep into my superheated cunt. I was adrift on a sea of sexual delight - far from any shore, aware only of my vagina, my clitoris, my breasts, my...girlhood - and the amazing cock that was driving me there. Finally, she grunted deeply, groaned, and came.
Slowly, both of shaken by the experience, we disentangled. I stood still, naked and panting, my vagina throbbing, my immense breasts rising and falling with my breath. Miss Roberts slipped her massive rod back into her pretty panties, and then pulled her skirt on.
Miss Roberts spoke, still slightly flushed. "Lucy, given what you've become, I think a modification to your uniform would be appropriate. Something that will make it clear to one and all just what kind of girl you are." She pointed to a table, where a plaid microskirt, simple white blouse, and lace pink thong awaited me.
I dressed myself in the over-the-top schoolgirl clothes. This was the first time I'd worn a thong. My panties had been getting skimpier with each transformation - the pink thong was the sexiest yet. The soft silk hugged my damp pussy, while the strap bisected my ass in a strangely comfortable way. The skirt was so short that any motion would show the lace of my undies. As for the blouse, my breasts tented it so far out, I had to use one hand to hold it closed.
I then followed Miss Barton back to class to begin the greatest week of my life. Six days later, it was with more than a little regret that I awoke again as a boy. I'd spend the time being penetrated by an endless parade of wonderful cocks, with one boy after another doing every conceivable act to me. Fucking and sucking my way through class, then retiring to my room to revel in reverie at the orgasms. God, those incredible orgasms...
I also proudly showed off my new body to Tina, who smiled indulgently. I was catching up to her - and we both delighted in it. Our bond as sisters grew still closer with each time I changed. We knew what was coming, and we could hardly wait.
After I reverted back to masculinity, my sense of boyhood had been so far diminished that I no longer seriously doubted what I was going to do. If I was sent back to Miss Roberts office for a seventh time, my transformation would be permanent at least until graduation, if not longer. As a sophomore, that meant at least two years or more of being a girl, a slut, a whore for the entire school. I would be a tiny, dainty, petite, girly little thing. There would be nothing between my legs but a cute, smooth, bare teenager's pussy. I would wear nothing but a ridiculously skimpy uniform with lacy thongs underneath. I'd carry a pair of gargantuan breasts everywhere I went. Any boy or teacher could do whatever they wanted to me. Not a day would pass without a dozen cocks being pushed into every hole of my body. I'd come over and over and over.
That was my fate, if I chose it. The faint echoes of my boyhood had no influence on me now. As I went through my classes, I thrilled to the idea that I could turn myself into that girl, forever and ever, with just a single act of rebelliousness.
Tina smiled at me as we talked about one afternoon. "It's a blast, isn't it?" she said. "Just knowing you're at the point of no return, that at any second you can be transformed into a beautiful, horny slut for the rest of your life. All you have to do is say one disrespectful thing, and you'll be just like me at last."
I replied, "I know. Sometimes I think the anticipation of turning into a girl is just as good as being one. But looking at you, I'm not sure I can wait much longer."
She laughed. "Yeah, it was fun to drag it out for while. But eventually, I just couldn't resist. You won't be able to either. I give you two more days max."
For just a moment, I was apprehensive. Two more days? Maybe she was right. Maybe this was inevitable - that I couldn't back away from my girlhood even if I wanted to.
"Any regrets?" I asked her.
"Not a one," she replied firmly. "I've loved every minute of my new life. Why would I want to be a guy again, when I get so much more from screwing them? My god, Lucas, you've felt the orgasms, you know what it's like to have the breasts and wear the skirts and all the rest. You already know the truth. For guys like us, this is only way to be."
"I know. It's just a little intimidating to know I can be changed so...so radically."
She looked up at me with her amazing blue eyes, her long blonde hair flowing across her shoulders and back, her slender hands toying with the hem of her schoolgirl skirt, her J-cup breasts dominating her body. "But that's the whole point. You're not changing...you're becoming what you always were...what you were always meant to be...Lucy."
She sauntered off, and I realized she was right. This was more than just my destiny, this was my reality. I'm a girl and it's time I did something about it.
That night, I stood naked in front of the mirror, knowing this was my last day on earth as a boy. I contemplated the body I would wear tomorrow, and what would be done to me after I changed. My cock began to swell in anticipation.
I looked down at my straining erection. "Are you sure?" I whispered to my cock, as if it had its own personality. "You know what will happen to you. Once Miss Roberts touches me with that paddle, you'll shrink and shrink and shrink..."
My erection grew even firmer at the thought.
"You'll get smaller and smaller until you turn into a tiny little clitoris. That's all you'll ever get to be. You'll be a pussy, a cunt... and you'll get fucked by cocks day in and day out."
I actually felt an orgasm coming on as I continued.
"You'll be wrapped in lace panties and be wet and hot and horny all the time. You'll never be a penis again. You'll be nothing but a cute little vagina, forever and ever. You'll make me have to be a woman for the rest of my life. You'll make me grow huge girl's breasts. You'll make me wear skirts and stockings and panties. You'll make me have periods and drool over boys. Is that what you really want for us?"
As if in answer, I erupted into the most powerful male orgasm I'd ever had, though still well short of what female ecstasy felt like. I had my answer.
"OK then," I whispered to my rapidly softening penis, already deflating in anticipation of the girlhood that was soon to be imposed upon "him". "Let's do it."
The next morning, I went to class with a mix of apprehension and determination. I knew I was at the point of no return. If I took this step, I would be taken down to Ms Roberts office. I would be ordered to undress. I would be struck gently with the paddle.
And then I would be turned into a girl...forever.
Oh, technically, the punishment was only effective until graduation. But Tina and I had talked a lot about this. The teachers at this academy were no fools. They knew very well what Tina and I were all about - we were addicted to our femininity and would do anything to remain in skirts. Tina was due to graduate in a few months, but neither of us believed she would really be changed back into a boy. There'd been enough hints dropped to indicate that Tina had a very female future in front of her once she finished school. We weren't sure what awaited her - but it seemed reasonable that the strange powers behind this incredible place would have uses for Tina...uses that would require her to retain her remarkable breasts, her tight teen pussy and her voracious sexual appetites.
She couldn't wait to find out.
Neither could I.
And so when Ms Barton asked me to work a math problem on the board, I remained silent for a moment, and then let my inner bimbo speak for me.
"Why should I?"
And with that simple statement, my fate was sealed. I was going to become a girl, and nothing could stop it from happening to me.
I felt a curious sense of relief. Ms Barton ordered the class to their books, while she walked me down the hall. She didn't seem irritated. In fact, she seemed rather smug.
"Thank you, Lucy," she said as we approached the office of the headmistress.
"For what, ma'am?" I responded curiously.
"I won the pool. I predicted you'd make your...choice in my class on this day".
The teachers had been betting on me?
She continued. "Since your role in this school is about to permanently change, I may as well let you know. Some of the teachers thought you might choose to join the faculty. You are quite bright, and you would have been able to remain female."
This did surprise, but not shock me. It had long since been rumored that the teachers in this academy were former male students who'd volunteered for the job - each one accepting the price of employment: to be transformed into a woman. It certainly explained how every teacher here could be a model for Playboy.
I could certainly understand why some boys might volunteer. Most of the guys had spent at least one day as females - and for some, there might be a willingness to recapture the overwhelming physical pleasures of femininity, while retaining a position of authority and respect along the way.
"But for you, Lucy, I knew that wouldn't be enough," Ms. Barton said. "I could tell from your very first day that you were special. Even having a body like mine wouldn't satisfy you. You need to be younger, hotter and bigger-breasted than every other girl around. You need your skirts to be shorter and your panties prettier. You need to spend your days on your knees, getting reamed by one boy after another. We teachers do get some of that, but we also have a real job that requires us to focus on other things.
I was getting hard as she spoke - I knew it would be the last erection I would ever have.
"No, Lucy, you need to be more than just a girl. You crave the idea of being a young whore, an insatiable slut, a teenage nymphomaniac. It's who you are on the inside - and what you're about to become on the outside."
Ms Barton smiled at me as we entered the office of the headmistress. Ms. Roberts was waiting, the paddle already off its hook. She looked at me appraisingly. "I have to admit, Lucas, I didn't see this coming when you arrived here. But in retrospect, it seems so obvious. You were born for this life...so let's send you on your way."
Trembling slightly at the thought of what was about to happen to me, I undressed as commanded. The faint echo of the boy in me keened in dread at the foreknowledge of his fate. But the female in me crowed in delight, taunting, mocking him...
*you're going to be a girl...a GIRLY-girl...the girliest, most submissive, petite, feminine flower EVER!*
No...please...not that...
*oh yes...and you're going to have beautiful huge boobs, so big you'll barely be able to stand*
I don't want this...I don't want to be a girl...please!
*Don't lie...it IS what you want...what we both want...we both want to be a horny little bitch and get fucked by every guy in the school...every day...in every way...*
No...that's not true...you're wrong!
*You're going to look soooo pretty in your pink lace thongs and your schoolgirl skirts and tiny little shirts...*
Stop this...don't them do this to me...
*It's too late, Lucas...way too late. In a few minutes, you're going to have a pretty little pussy between a perfect set of sexy teen thighs. And you'll keep that pussy for the rest of your life.*
Please don't let them change me into a girl...I don't want the boys to...to...be inside me!
*Oh but you do, Lucas...deep down inside, you can't wait to be on your back with your skirt hiked up and your panties around your ankles, fucking and sucking like the teen slut you should have been all along*
*And every night you'll stand in front of the mirror in your room, admiring your femininity and giving thanks for the day you were turned into a woman. And that day is today, Lucas. You're going to become Lucy Fletcher...forever*
This can't be happening!
*Really? Then how come you have the biggest erection of your life? Your cock is about to be changed forever into a dainty, delicate little clitoris so small that it will easily fit into any pair of girly panties...and just the thought of it is making you hornier than you've ever been before.*
*Can't answer that can you? And you know why...just say it...*
And with that, Ms Roberts smacked me gently with the paddle. I felt the glow, the tingling, the amazing sensation of my body softening into that of a female.
And Lucas give his final response...
Oh...god...no...I'm...I'm going to be a ...be a...gir...girl...oh... god...my...my...br...breasts are growing...they're so huuuuge...oh...I'm...I'm shrinking...I'm so small now....so weak...oh no...this can't be happening to me...I...oh god...my cock is gone...I...I can feel my...my...va...vagina...it feels so wet and...and...warm...and my...my boobs are even bigger...and my hair is so long...and....my skin is so soft and smooth...and I'm becoming a...a...female and...I...don't want to like it but... but... I...do...yes...I...DO like it....yes...it's true...I'm a fucking GIRL and I...LIKE...IT!
I slowly regained my sense of reality, and looked down at my transformed body. At my oh so slender arms and shoulders, at my sleek, short, coltish legs, at my creamy smooth skin, at the dark tresses that hung down all the way to my tiny waist, down to the hint of the slit that peeped out from the base of my flat belly, completely unadorned by any pubic hair.
And the boobs. Oh my god, the boobs. The only part of my body that did not resemble a 14-year-old girl. The huge nipples that danced in the air one full foot above my breastbone - making me no less than a J-cup - not that there were any such sized bras designed for a 30" inch chest.
My breasts were over the top, in the extreme, pick your metaphor. Whatever the label, my breasts would shout to the world "Check her out - isn't she the cutest little nympho you ever saw? Don't you want to jump her? Why don't you try? I'm sure she'll say yes. Even if you're a girl yourself - go for it...it won't matter to her."
The two women with me were silent - staring at my chest with perhaps a little...envy? Feeling a bit smug, albeit still properly deferential, I climbed into the schoolgirl uniform that would be the only wardrobe permitted to me for the next two years. The absurdly short pleated skirt, the white blouse that could never be buttoned over my breasts, the pink lace thong panties that felt surprisingly comfortable riding up my cute little butt. Good thing, that, since my days of wearing boxers were over. Permanently.
A lifetime in lingerie was my future, as the enormity of what I'd done finally registered.
I'd volunteered to have my sex changed, forever. There would be no going back - I was Lucy Fletcher for the rest of my days.
She. Her. Girl. Woman. Female.
And all the adjectives that went with it.
Soft...delicate...fragile...vulnerable...submissive...weak...frail.. .feminine.
And...sexy...curvy...hot...lustful...beautiful...horny...and so much more.
This is my life now. I was led back to class for the upcoming orgy, my head bowed in meek acquiescence - but inside, I was crowing in exaltation, thrilled beyond words. The fondest wishes of my traitorous subconscious were being realized. I'd rejected the physical masculinity of my birthright, had succumbed to my feminine spirit - the spirit that animated me to transcend my boyhood and replace it with...girlhood.
Any lingering doubts were put to rest by the next six hours of class. Or should I say four hours of class, intermixed with two full hours of the steamiest, most incredible sex I could have imagined. It seemed my permanent female form was even more sensitive to pleasure than ever before. I had tears in my eyes, weeping with ecstasy and gratitude as the better part of thirty orgasms transported me to a state of nirvana - two hours of endlessly sucking, caressing and impaling myself on teen cocks just like the one I used to possess.
Nope - definitely no regrets, I thought to myself as I stripped my skimpy clothes off in front of the mirror in my room. It had also been fun to see Tina, who squealed with delight as we proudly compared bustlines. I was finally a match for her - my body perfectly duplicated her powerfully erotic combination of pubescent girlishness and stripper- class tits.
And then there was the center of it all - the perfect, bare smooth vagina revealed when my lace thong was pulled down. I continued to be surprised at how long it was: this... this...incision bisecting the flat space between my sexy thighs. My pussy, my cunt, my box - whatever the term, it was the part of my body I now cherished the most. I looked at its delicate, lovely folds, the barely everted lips. I thought of what I felt when the boys had penetrated deep into my body so many times today, and nearly orgasmed again just at the sheer delight of the memory.
My god, I'm a beautiful, teenage nymphomaniac. Who would have believed it?
Six months have passed. And it's only gotten better.
I average close to a dozen orgies a day, fucking and sucking every cock the teachers let me get my hands on. I let my hips sing and my skirts sway around my thighs as I walk proudly down the corridors. I bask in the adulation of the male students, drooling over every move I make. I revel in the looks of astonishment directed my way whenever I meet someone for the first time. I thrill to the sensation of my silky undies gently rubbing across my hairless pussy. And of course, I adore my incredible breasts - gladly yielding to their utter domination of my physical form.
Believe it or not, I still get my schoolwork done. Discipline is enforced, albeit through gritted teeth. It's not easy, disengaging from some handsome, studly schoolboy after he finishes reaming me - and then returning quietly to my desk to resume the lesson. But we persevere, both me and the boys knowing that another round will be forthcoming - if we can meet the teacher's academic expectations.
Speaking of teachers, there's another lovely perk of being the...student body: I'm occasionally permitted to service the female faculty - if they are in the mood. Given that they all used to be men before voluntarily accepting womanhood as a condition of their employment, there's apparently a hint of their former male desires remaining. To be sure, Miss Barton and her peers appear to delight in their femininity and seem to have no regrets from their decision to spend the rest of their lives having periods and wearing dresses (a commitment I can certainly endorse).
Nevertheless, Miss Barton (just to name one) does like to indulge her sundered manhood by dominating young girls - making the girls submit to her power as if she was still the well-endowed man she used to be. And since that indulgence involves huge strap-ons (and since I'm the young girl she prefers most), I spend a lot of quality time bent over her desk, my skirt hiked over my hips, and my thong pulled to one side. She fucks me wonderfully well, different from the boys of course, and yet fulfilling in its own way. If she's really in a good mood, I get to eat her out, exploring every detail of her lovely vagina - while enjoying the knowledge that my body is just like hers...only even better!
As for Tina, she graduated three months back - but I got a letter from her recently. She wouldn't (couldn't?) reveal where she was or what she was doing. But she did tell me to study hard and be ready - for, as she wrote: "if you think you love being a teenage nympho girly-girl now, just wait till you catch up to me again."
I could only speculate what that meant. But I did look so forward to seeing her someday. The headmistress had made Tina and me room together for the last few months before she left the academy. During that time, we grew ever closer as sisters, sharing each intimate detail of our sexuality, and ravishing each other's amazing bodies when lights out began.
Showering together may have been the best. We were very short, very petite, dainty little girlies - so we could both fit into the small shower stall with ease. Except for our breasts. Washing each other while trying to maneuver around all four of our J-cup tits was extremely challenging - and tremendous fun. Many of our showers ended in giggling failures, as we experimented with different strategies. We got sidetracked all too easily, with each of us girls ending up having her face pressed in between the other's smooth thighs - lapping away at the perfect little pussy nested therein.
So, even though I thoroughly enjoy my daily encounters with the boys and occasional teacher, I still miss having a sister.
Until one day...when I turned a corner and ran into Jack. I assumed my proper, demure, modest, feminine posture. And then took note of the new boy Jack was escorting.
"Lucy, I want you to meet Keith - he's just starting with us today," Jack said. I looked shyly up at the handsome blonde lad, locked eyes with him...and knew:
Keith was going to be my new sister.
I'm not sure how I knew - but I did, the same way Tina knew with me. Perhaps it was the strangest whirl of color I saw as I stared at him - a brief flash of pink as I seemed to sense his aura. The soft color quickly faded, but it was enough to reveal the disconnect between his obviously masculine body - and his VERY feminine spirit.
Keith was a girl - he just didn't know it yet.
He didn't know that his fate was sealed the moment he set foot in this amazing academy. He didn't know his body would be irrevocably transformed into that of a beautiful schoolgirl.
And I couldn't wait for him to find out.
I smiled teasingly up at Keith, and curtsied - and noted with satisfaction the very large bulge that appeared in his slacks as he stared at me, >open-mouthed in amazement. Too bad about that bulge, I thought to myself - looks like he could really satisfy a girl. But it won't be long before that big rod is changed forever into an adorable little pussy. And it won't be long before Keith stops lusting after girls, and starts having a sharp craving for penises.
Yep, it won't be long at all. I decided to set aside a pair of my prettiest panties - for the day when he becomes...she.
She's going to look soooo cute wearing them!


  1. Anonymous3/14/2011

    Never seen a co-ed like this one!!

  2. Anonymous3/15/2011

    This story just hits the spot on several different levels. It is hot and delicious!
    Thanks LurkerB and Rebecca

  3. Anonymous3/16/2011

    Awsome story, would love to attend that school.

  4. Wow.

    I liked the first story, although at some point all of the characters seemed to be suck-em fuck-em robots. But this one is amazing.

  5. I think that my favorite part is when Lucas become Lucy for the first time, after seeing Stephanie get royally fucked. In particular, her reactions when the teacher announces that the first boy to finish the pop quiz will get some "quality time" with Lucy...

    The anticipation is delightful!


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