Book: Pinup Girl by James Craft

I have a bonus treat for you today, a special 30 percent discount on a great transgender crossdreamer ebook called Pinup Girl.

Pinup Girl is the story of Max, a college student having some serious financial problems. It sounds too good to be true when Eric pops up and offers him a spare room in his flat. Max can save money this way, and Eric, who is a photographer, even offers him some assignments as a model.

Well, it is too good to be true. Eric wants Max to pose as a girl. And it all goes downhill from there (or probably uphill for most of my readers).

It is a genuinely sexy crossdreamer book. It is some 100 pages long: long enough for us to learn to know the characters and short enough for it to get to the point.

It is definitely pure entertainment only -- nothing too serious -- although Max' way of coping with Maxine has some great realistic moments. This is a story in the genre I would call TG pseudo-realism. There is no magic involved, but there is some use of modern science beyond make-up and clothing (to put it that way).

And yes: It is erotic. It is hot.

It is fully illustrated with images by Mignon.

The author offers you -- my readers -- a discount. At US$ 9.07 this is a bargain. Buy it now!

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