Babylon Academy 13: Tricked Part II

Welcome to Babylon Academy, a college run by the Daughters of Ereshkigal, an ancient Sumerian cult that aims at overthrowing patriarchy and establish the rule of the Goddess.

At the Academy they recruit the next generation of priestesses and witches. Based on the ancient principle of the conjunction of opposites, however, most of the recruits are college boys. At least for a while.

This episode contains two sweet love stories: The new principal is finally getting off the fence, while Malcolm hooks up with an old friend.

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You can also download the full screen PDF here and here!

The images are from Brazzers!

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  1. Oh Rebecca,
    The second story has me in a state of emotion that is hard to describe. I want so much to be that woman. I want to be changed and have that person that will love me forever. I just feel like crying right now out of desire, sadness, wishing, just everything.

    Thank you for these wonderful ways of transporting to somewhere else, a place where my dreams can come true.



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