Stay calm and think of boys

Just stay calm, Freddie. Such a transformation can be traumatic for some. I mean, it is a completely new body.

That's right. Touch it! Familiarize yourself with your new female body. There is no way back now, and you know it. No need for tantrums, anymore. The boy is gone. The bully is gone. Instead we have this wonderful, sweet girl.

Yeah, that is right. Caress that tit. We decided to make them a bit on the large side, just in case there were relapses to your old behavior. You cannot really fight or run with breasts like these, you know. This will be a calmer and more quiet life for you. Ah, you like them, don't you?

It is soft isn't it.? You like touching your body. You always liked sexy girls, I know, but you want be able to harass them anymore. Instead naughty boys will... you know, be interested in you.

Oh, now I have your attention. That is right. There are many boys out there who would love to touch those tits of yours. Well, you know how they are.