Babylon Academy 10 : The Changeling Part I

Welcome to Babylon Academy, a college run by the Daughters of Ereshkigal, an ancient Sumerian cult that aims at overthrowing patriarchy and establish the rule of the Goddess.

At the Academy they recruit the next generation of priestesses and witches. Based on the ancient principle of the conjunction of opposites, however, most of the recruits are college boys. At least for a while.

This episode: Henry was a crossdgender dreamer. When he heard about the witches of Ereshkigal changing boys into girls, he decided to go to the college and see if he could trick them into changing him.

This is the first of two episodes telling about his life as a college girl.

You can also download the full screen PDF here and here!

The images are from Brazzers!


  1. You always have great work. Thanks for the time you took to make this.

  2. Anonymous11/17/2010

    Easily your best work yet.


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