This cap was originally published over at Tina's place.

Oh please! Would you please stop whimpering!

Of course you feel helpless and emasculated! That is the whole point now, isn't it? For you to get in touch with your feminine side and all that yada, yada...

Ha! Fooled you there didn't I? Of course this isn't about you.

This is about me, sweet Tina, about me and my needs, and right now I felt the need to have sex with a beautiful woman.

That is what the Spell Books are for, Tina. I could not use them for world peace or something equally pathetic, now, could I? So I turned you into this sexy broad.

You know, it will probably hurt less if you gave in a little. Ahhh, that is better. That's my girl! I bet you will beg me to stay this way, when I have finished with you!

And no, I will not borrow you the Spell Books. Hmmm, come to think of it. Those moans of yours do make me a little bit jealous.


Images of Sadie West from Brazzers.com.

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