A bit more like Emily Agnes

Doctor Smith adjusted the image on his computer.

Phil saw the girl of his dreams: Sexy, beautiful, amazing.

“If this is the right look? I can have the DNA-serum printed right now,” Smith said.

Phil hesitated. “Could you make her look even more like Emily Agnes?”

“Ah well,” Dr. Smith said. “I am required by law not to design bodies that are identical to any living person. You know, to avoid deceit and confusion.” Still, he dragged one of the sliders on the screen. The woman’s chest expanded to an E-cup.

“Ah, yes, perfect!” Phil said.

“Are you sure?” the doctor asked. “Breasts this size can be a bit impractical.”

“I don’t care about practical,” Phil said.

Smith printed the serum and gave him the injection. “You can go to your room now,” he said. “The transformation will take a couple of weeks.”

Emily Agnes from Playboy.

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