Quick Cap: The Bet

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Greg did not have to wait for long. He knew that Chad would not be able to resist the challenge: Use the medallion. It will turn you into a woman, and if you stay like that for 24 hours, Greg would do make sure Chad got into all the important parties for the next six months.
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It didn't take long before the first text messages arrived: "OMG! I am a woman!" Then photos, increasingly revealing selfies. "I am sooo hot!"  "Look at these tits".  Then it was quiet for a while. Greg reckoned Chad was busy trying out his new bod.

By the time Greg arrived at Chad's flat, the battle was nearly over. The young girl was horny as hell and laughed hysterically when she saw his muscular male body in front of her. "I have never noticed that you are so handsome," she said.

Greg was never going to let this one go. He pushed the girl down over the table.