Car Wash

He had always admired the sexy college girls, their small bodies, their big tits, their cheer leader confidence and their ability to dominate a room by their mere presence.

He had none of that magic himself, shy and weak as he was, working in the background over at Anna's garage.

Anna was a self-confident, intelligent and busty woman, happily married to a hunk of a man. She loved her garage and she loved her job.

"You are not much of a happy camper, are you now, Brian?" she asked him one day.

"I can see you ogling the girls that come in here to have their car washed and their engine fixed, but you never dare to talk to them. You know what, I think you are one of those boys who would rather like to be the girl, hot and sexy...."

She caught the expression on his face before he managed to compose himself.

"I thought so. Listen up!" she said. "We need to get some more customers over here. I want you to go sit in the pink Cadillac!"

"No, please, Anna, I do not want to sit in the Cadillac! It does things to people. It is magic. I mean, after Joseph sat in that car he was never the same again. That old gangster went ahead and joined the Salvation Army!"

"I do not want it to fuck with your mind, Brian," Anna said. "I want it to fuck with your body! Do as I say, or you will find yourself out of a job! I cannot stand that moping face of yours, anymore."

Brian went into the garage and opened the door of the Cadillac. No one were allowed inside that car, no one, and he had never seen Anna drive it, either.

As soon as he was behind the wheel, he felt dizzy. He felt an intense itch all over his body.

Suddenly a pink glow filled the car, and he could hardly see the hands in front of him. But he could feel his body changing. He hadn't been a big guy from the start, but he could see the rear view mirror moving up as his upper body shortened.

As the pink light abated, he could see that his nails had taken its color, and his fingers were small and slim. He grabbed his chest as his nipples started to crinkle. They had never done that before. And as he explored them, his hands were pushed outwards, as tits started growing.

He opened the door and stumbled out, dumbfounded.

"Hey, sexy girl!" Anna laughed. "You were never cut out for the life of an alpha male or an alpha woman, were you? So I have made you that little dumb blonde you have always dreamed about. Now, go outside and wash that car!"

He stumbled outside on his absurdly high heals and held on to the car standing in front of the garage. There was already a bucket of soapy water there, as well as a sponge. Shocked as he was,  he did what she had told him to do.

But he was nervous, and he soon had soap all over his body. A small audience gathered, urging him to touch himself.

In the end it was Anna's brother, Mark, who came over and rescued him, lifting him up and carrying him into the house.

"You are not really good at being a girl, yet, are you Brenda?" he laughed. "Maybe I can teach you a few steps."

Brian did not know what to say, but he loved the touch of those big, strong, muscular, arms, and when Mark took of his wet clothes (if that was what you could call them), he did not protest. Mark rubbed his girly body down with a towel. He felt like a little girl being helped by an adult.

The way Mark looked at his tits, however, made it clear that this was not the body of a child, and the bulge in Mark's pants was proof of this.

"You want this, don't you?" Mark asked, catching his glance.

"No," Brian stuttered. "I want to go back into that car and change back into myself. That is what I want."

Mark came closer, embraced the girly body firmly, and kissed teenage lips."

Brian felt his knees go weak as Mark's tongue met his. Mark turned him around and Brian could feel him explore his broad behind, his pussy and his asshole.

"Hmmmm, there is still a small bit of the boy in you, isn't there?" Brian said. "Well, that won't last for long, but right now I am going to respect your girly virginity and leave your hymen alone."

He used soap to lubricate his big cock and pushed it inside Brian's ass.

"Anna has told me everything I need to know about you, Brenda. You are not much of a doer, are you? You are the kind that sits quietly in the corner and lets the others decide.

"Well, that does not work if you want to get laid as a man, Brenda. But if you have a sexy, little, body like yours, you will never be left alone."

Brian gasped as Mark increased his speed. The new girl could feel Mark's balls slam up against her rear as he fucked her.

Then Mark stopped and moved her around.

"I want you to look me into your eyes as I fuck you, " he said. "I want you to tell me that you are my little girl!"

The ramming continued.

"Tell me!"

"I am your little girl!"

"Tell me that you will be my little sexy slut!"

"I am, I am your little slut!"

"Good girl! Now, come suck my cock...."

Images of Nikki Delano by Brazzers. Animated GIFs by McLowland.