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The Other Side of Your Soulhad 1.6 million visitors in 2010!

No, I am not able to see who you are and where you live. But by using Google Analytics I can find a lot of information that should interest you.

Have you ever wondered how many people there are out there reading Rebecca's World?

Well, in 2010 I had the mind blowing number of 1.6 million visits from 685,000 unique visitors. 675,000 visited more than once.

Given that this isn't the kind of site that pops up in random searches and the fact that the bounce rate was as low as 12.7 %, this tells me that a large number of the 1.6 million are interested in transgender erotica.

The majority of you are US citizens. Out of the 1.6 million visits, 974,000 came from the US, 161,000 from the UK and 96,000 from Germany. That being said, I had visitors from nearly all the countries in the world. There were, for instance, 966 from Egypt.

Remember that this is an English language site. There are, for instance, Russian, Spanish and Japanese catering to other readers.

I am positive that sites like TG Comics and Fictionmania can deliver significantly higher figures than this. Mine is, after all, a pretty hard core site, and many TG erotica enthusiasts go for the kinder stuff.

Remember also that there continue to be quite a few that have no Internet access or who avoid using their computer to look for unorthodox stuff. This means that the number of US citizens interested in feminization fantasies must be counted in several millions. Who knows how many there are world wide!

You are not alone!

Your rebel nature is reflected in the fact that only 35 percent of you are using Internet Explorer. Although, it must be said, more than 80 percent are using Windows. 11 percent are using the Mac.

25,000 visited the site using an iPhone, 18,000 with an iPad. (I know that the iOS devices cannot read Flash. Download the PDF instead!).

36 % of you find this site because you already know the address or have bookmarked it. 47% come from referring sites and the rest from search engines. TG comics, The World of TG and Being Andrissa are top deliverers of visitors (Thanks, friends!).

Will I be able to keep up the production and get a similar number of visitors in 2011? I doubt it, but I am not giving up yet.

Image of Runa Akatsuki from Erotic Japan.


  1. Did you ever watch the American sit-com "Arrested Development?" In it, a character named Tobias is a "never-nude"--meaning, he can never be entirely nude, and usually wears skimpy cut-off jeans under his regular clothes. In one episode, his affliction is revealed in public, and he stands there shouting to the crowd, "We're out there, and we have a voice! There are dozens of us! DOZENS!"

    Well, I suppose there's far more than just dozens of us...

  2. Erisian2/07/2011

    This site and others like it help make my life tolerable, I am sure that many of those other 900+ thousand people feel the same way. Thank you.

  3. Anonymous2/07/2011

    kind of sad isnt it

  4. Anonymous2/08/2011

    Not sure how you jumped to the conclusion that visit from the US equates to that person being a US citizen.

    There are many people living in the US who are not citizens, and then many people outside the US who likely have to use a proxy to get access to your site in the first palce.

    Just saying, but either way a huge accomplishment, and well done :)

  5. Anonymous2/09/2011

    wow such a lot of people from germany, thank you for being not alone

  6. Anonymous2/09/2011

    Some Spanish "girls" do know how to speak and write in English. These figures are really mind blowing. I, for one, wish we could get rid of social pressures and the fear of being "discovered" we simply weren't meant to to be boys...We fit much better into the girls' world. Just IMHO

  7. TheGreenGoblin2/09/2011

    Google Analytics can't measure this, but you have some straight followers too. It turns out that TG Caption makers...

    1) ...know a beautiful woman when they see one.

    2) ...know how to pick amazing photos

    3) ...understand how to illustrate the finer points of femininity through storytelling.

    Really, if you skip over the transformation you have a story about a beautiful woman who's boobs are getting bigger. They're great. OK sometimes the search for those stories turns up some images I'd rather not have seen, but the diamonds are worth the coal.

  8. It is true that these numbers are proxies, and some of the "Americans" may not be US citizens.

    I did not know I had "regular Joes" as visitors. Cool.

  9. That is indeed very impressive numbers. Congratulations!

  10. I love google analytics!



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