Man turned into bimbo with big boobs

Amy Anderssen from Brazzers.com.
FemFluxx has just published a classic cheating husband becomes big breasted bimbo photo comic.

Original? No. But sexy? Yes!

Read the Bimbo Babe feminization story here!


New science fiction transgender photo comic from Xing Xing

Jay Summers from babes.com
Fem Fluxx has produced a new photo comic by Xing Xing.

A dash of science fiction this time, as an alien plant starts spreading spores that can turn a man into anything!

Read the photo comic for free here!


Magic Marshmallows

It is time for those magic marshmallows.

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FemFluxx presents a new story in the Spellbooks Universe

Xing Xing over at Fem Fluxx has made a new erotic, transgender, photo comic set in Freya's Spellbooks Univers.

It is called Bang Bang Gangbang. We guess that is what is bound to happen when someone who dreams about being a woman gets access to real magic.

Click here to read the photo comic. It is free.


Sexy ads for Feminized.com and Upside Down

Here are some sexy ads for Feminized and our sister site Upside Down.

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Knocked up and ready

In a not to distant future humanity has to turn men into women in order to repopulate the earth.

You can read the whole free photo comic over at FemFluxx now.


Joybringer: The Photographer

Fem/Fluxx has publised a third free standing installment in the Joybringer series.

Look out for a lot of stunning photos of feminized criminals and dissidents trying to adapt to their new lives as beautiful female sex slaves meant for the off world colonies.

Read Joybringer 3 right now, for free!


No time for regrets

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Being a Nerd

Nerds win, nerds lose. In the end they are going to take over the world as sexy women.

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Photo of Kelly Madison.

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