Wet Pussy/Big Tits

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Model: London Andrews from Scoreland.

Punished Again

Here is a short caption inspired by Ed Miller's  amazingly sexy short story about Miss Sheila DeVille's School for Wayward Boys. You can read the story here!

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New TG Photo Comic: The Tiny Girl

Fem Fluxx has published a new erotic transgender photo comic.

Tom should have know better, having a witch for a girl friend. Moreover, this was a witch enthusiastic about the arcane initiation rights of a gender bending magical culture.

Yes, he should have known better. But you know how this normally goes.

You can read and download the comic for free here!

Which one would you like to be? (Photo: Brazzers)


Spell Book Defeat

There are some really great erotic 3D artists out there. I found this one over at Adult Empire. If you know the name of the designer, please let us know.

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You can now reach the Other Side via feminized.org!

We admit it. The URL for this blog has been long and hard to remember.

Which is why we are glad to announce that you may now get here through www.feminized.org.


New transgender photo comics from Fem/Fluxx

Feminization erotica site Fem/Fluxx (which now has its own domain over at femfluxx.com) has published a new edition of its erratic photo comic magazine: FluXX Magazine.

It is all free, and contains two sexy photo comics and a few classic captions.

The first story is set in a kind of Buffy the Vampire Slayer universe, where demons may escape Hell dimension, only to lure people back with them. And in this particular Hell dimension, men are made to serve as female sex slaves for a very long time.

The second story is a bit less dark, you might say. We are visiting a spa that may provide some presumably healthy services that are a bit out of the ordinary. You know the drill.

Anyway, the magazine is available for free. You can read it over at Fem/Fluxx, where you can also download the PDF.