The Cube, new feminization photo comic from Fem/FluXX

Milla Marx from Reality Kings.

Fem/FluXX has published a new photo comic called The Cube.

The cube is an alien artifact that can be used for shapeshifting. An American federal agent borrows the device and show it to one of his crossdressing friends.

Needless to say: He does not miss the opportunity. This is the ultimate crossdressing: Becoming a woman in body as well as presentation.

But he does not stop there, obviously...

You can read this erotic photo comic over at Fem/FluXX.


New erotic TG photo comic from FemFluxx: The Bride

He was a nasty man, harassing his buxom secretary every chance he got -- belittling her, making fun of her. Until one day she used all her savings on something magical and dangerous.
Lennox Luxe from the amazing repository of erotic imagery: Brazzers!

And that something caused an amazing shift in the lives of both of them.

Yes, it is a new feminization photo comic from FemFluxx, free for you to download!

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