The Bodysnatcher Part 2

The body swap adventure of Roger continues. Now that the bodysnatcher has stolen his body, he has to try to live the life of the snatcher's pervious host, the sexy teacher Sarah.

You can read or download this free photo comic by The Foxx over at Fem/Fluxx.
Katana Kombat from Brazzers.


Find Your True Self

No, we could not find the app in the app store either. It must be a hack of a sort.

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Free Erotic TG Comic: The Bodysnatcher Part 1

Roger ended up in the wrong locker room locker, drawing the attention of an alien bodysnatcher posing as a teacher at his college.

You know that we are hading into some serious gender bender territory!

You can download this brand new (and totally free) MTF feminization photo comic over at Fem/Fluxx!

Katana Kombat from Brazzers

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