Erotic sites with sexy photos that can be used for TG caps and comics

Some have asked us where we get the pictures we use for  TG stories and captions from. We have used images from several adults sites. These are the ones we believe will be of special interest to TG cappers and readers.
From Brazzers.

Note that these are sexually explicit porn sites.


If you want to get as much for your money as possible, we would recommend one of the major US porn conglomerates, i.e. packages containing a large number of sites covering various types of interests.

Our favorites at the moment are:

BRAZZERS: 30 sites for the prize of 1 (teens, big tits, school girls, sports, milfs etc. etc.)

Definitely one of our main sources of images for longer illustrated stories. The database is huge, and the photo sets may contain as many as 1000 photos, which is good if you want to make longer photo novels.

Moreover, Brazzer allows you to download the sets as zip-files. You really do not want to download 1000 files individually.
From Brazzers.

Brazzers specializes in topics like sports, school girls and the like, which is good if you want to make a cap or a story of that kind. There are a lot artificially enhanced bodies here, but also teenagers of the "girl next door" kind.

Here are some of my favorite Brazzer sites:

If you have your own blog or site, you may sign up as an affiliate and get access to some free content.

REALITY KINGS: 27 sites for the price of 1 (big boobs, teenagers, milfs, t-girls, black, hispanic etc. etc.)

Like Brazzers Reality Kings gives you access to an enormous database of pornographic material. It works in the same way as regards large photo sets and zip file downloads.

As the name implies, it focus on "reality" shoots, which simply means that the girls wear less make up than Penthouse pets, and that the surroundings are more mundane, which is good if you are looking for shots for a "realistic" story, but less satisfactory if you a looking for glamour girls dressed up in ball gowns.

These are my favorite RK sites:

Unlike Brazzers, the Reality Kings packages also includes a rather good shemale sites. (Yes, you do get access to it, even if they do not advertise it through their normal links).
The Sextronix package bring you two of my favorites: Totally Redhead and Totally Brunette. There are some really stylish photo sets here, perfectly suited for capping.

It should be noted that this package does not give you the full suite of Sextronix sites, only ten of them. And ten sites are what you get if you subscribe to any one of the Sextronix sites, although what sites may differ. There is normally a mix of hard core and soft core, "regular" sex and fetishes, photos and comics (anime), real girls and T-girls.

Here are a few of my favorite Sextronix sites:

  • Totally Brunette
    I have used Totally Brunette a lot for my captions. Some of these shoots are really elegant and sexy. There is not as much material as in Reality Kings and Brazzers, but the quality is on average very high.

  • Totally Redhead
    The comments that apply to Totally Brunette applies to this one. If you want both sites, click on the Sextronics Passport above.

  • Totally Teen!
    The name says it all. Hard core and soft core images and videos.
  • Planet of Shemales
    There are better shemale sites out there (and linked to on this page), but this one also gives you access to several "ordinary" Sextronix sites.
  • Erotic Japan
    Some of my readers love Asian caps, and this is where I get the pictures. It is not big, and most of the photo sets are soft core, but you do get access to other Sextronix sites as part of the bargain.

Exotic4k has several sites with  good photography and sexy models. A big plus is the fact that they give you ultra high definition 4K movies.

If you sign up for one of them, you will also be offered a package deal for the rest of the sites.

Use any of these links and you will support our free site as well.
Porn Pros

NAUGHTY AMERICA: 47 fantasy sites

Naughty America is the first site to invest heavily inVirtual Reality as well as  4K movies. But all footage is provided in other formats as well, taken from close to 50 different sites.

Naughty America specializes in what they call Fantasy Sites, which are focusing on specific sexual scenarios, like "my sister's hot friend", "naughty athletes", "diary of a nanny", "naughty weddings" and so on and so forth.

Visit Naughty America now!


FERRO Network FETISH Discounts (Many sites: strapon, shemale, anal, lesbian etc.)
also marketed as PANTYHOSE DISCOUNTS 

This is a package that gives you access to a large number of European fetish sites. The main focus is on pantyhose, submissive males and transsexuals.

If you buy the whole package at once, click on one of the links above. This is a slightly more expensive solution than buying one of the sites and wait for new sites to activate. If you buy access to one of the sites, you will be allowed to activate one new site every week.Here are some of the sites included. Most of them include zipped photo sets as well as videos.
  • Anal Pantyhose
    I used some of these sets for my Beat the Bandits series.

  • Anal Saga
    More anal sex from Europe.

  • Gay Sissies
    I am not sure of the name, as not all guys who dream of becoming girls are gay. The dress sense of these girl is questionable, but there is a lot of hot crossdressing sex here.

  • Ladies fuck Gents
    A lot of proactive girls with stap-ons and dildos.
Sign up as a Ferro Cash affiliate!

Ferro also has its own blog presenting new photo and movie sessions.


I know for sure that these two sites will interest some of my readers. delivers several fetish sites focusing on the BDSM scene. You have to buy them one for one. There are no package deals:
  • Sex and Submission
    Not for the faint at heart. There are some really great shoots here, although some complain that they become a bit repetitive. I have used some of these sets for my TG Extreme stories.
  • The Training of O BDSM
  • On the training of sex slaves

  • TS Seduction
    There are some really beautiful T-girls depicted in these photo sets and movies. And yes, on this site it is the girls that take the active role.
  • Trannypack includes many different sites with beautiful shemales. They have some really good photographers too.
  • TS Pussy Hunters
    T-girls and non-transsexual women having sex.

You may have noticed: Most of my caps and stories are hard core, and for that reason I prefer sites that deliver more explicit photos. That being said, there are some really great soft porn sites out there that deserves consideration. Here is one of them:
You may altso want to consider Explicite Art, a French (but English language) porn site with both soft and hard core images and movies. The photographer is skilled and the imagery stylish and original.

Another posh site is, which has a mix of soft and hard -- although never too hard. The site has some really great photographers. 


There are clearly no limits to what the adult industry can come up with. There are sites devoted to sci fi and horror!

AMV is one of the companies that delivers such material. Its Adult Fantasy Park package will give you access to sites like:

  • XXX Horror
    Vampires and nuns. This site goes far beyond blasphemy!
Unfortunately the amount of material is limited, the aliens are a little bit too much rubbermaskish and the sets repetitive. Still, there are potentially a lot of caps there!